1. RNG

    A bad lie that could get Dotard in it

    We know he lies. And last night he had another twittertantrum about FAKE NEWS, media being the enemy and so on. But as a wise teacher told me when I was quite young, the problem with lying is you have to remember what lies you have told. I think Mueller is going to love this.
  2. B

    Bad news for leftists! Oh My!
  3. F

    GOP: Putin Is bad. Gorbachev Is Good.

    Finally, the ol’ Butcher of Afghanistan came out of the woodwork to offer sage advice: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says the next month’s U.S.-Russian summit could become a historic event. Gorbachev was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying Thursday that if Russian...
  4. skews13

    Trump's $270 Billion Gift To Putin Bad For All Americans

    Could Donald Trump’s move on the Iran deal have been done to spike oil prices to save the Russian economy? We can’t know the answer to that question, because Trump’s motives are not clear. However we do know with certainty that Russia’s economy has been in deep trouble because of low oil...
  5. R

    Goldman Sachs says curing disease is bad for business!

    First, after reading endless drivel about the evils of communism and socialism posted in one thread after another in the Political Ideologies Forums, I want to ask why nobody has thought of setting up a Capitalist forum so that us critics of capitalism can do some analysis of the system...
  6. Clara007

    Good People Don't Defend a Bad Man

    At times in this life it can be a challenge to figure out who the bad people are, but sometimes they help you. Sometimes they do the work for you. Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal malignancy and they make it easy to identify...
  7. U

    Two sons gone bad......

    Two sons both in their 50's slowly but surely making a complete turn for the good......What they have not done would be the shortest list.. As a Parent I hope you are not there, but if you are don't give up......keep loving and supporting each other. Praise the Lord!!!
  8. tristanrobin

    Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is a Really Really Bad Idea?

    Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is A Really, Really Bad Idea? Military Combat Veterans. “How to stand your ground when an aggressor is trying to kill you — that’s not something that comes naturally to people.” Some of the loudest voices opposing President Donald Trump’s proposal to arm...
  9. Sabcat

    Facebook admits spending too much time on Facebook might be bad for you
  10. Camelot

    A Bad Day For Collusion Deniers

    As if meeting Russian operatives in Chump Tower were not enough to prove collusion, now comes news that the Con and his minions were given access to the Russian-hacked emails before Wikileaks ever published them. Did they call the relevant authorities to report the hacking ?
  11. roastpork

    Jesus bad, gay hook ups good?

    Ah yes, isn't having the Christmas spirit wonderful.:unsure: Jesus banned from buses in DC, but gay hookup ads allowed | Fox News
  12. handydude

    Is "Racism" Bad?

    This is a trick question. Because there is no such thing as 'race." What there is in fact is "species." "Race" is just a politically correct way of saying "species." If race existed, it would exist somewhere else in the animal kingdom. But it doesn't. Species does. At the very least...
  13. C

    The Season of Bad Advice

    Day #270 at the Trump Dig. The Bannoncanon sounds off. ...
  14. S

    Maybe shoot first isn't such a bad idea!

    New Orleans cop shot to death while on routine patrol NEW ORLEANS, La. – A city police officer was shot and killed while on routine patrol early Friday morning, reports CBS New Orleans affiliate WWL-TV. It happened shortly after midnight, police say. Several officers returned fire and the...
  15. handydude

    Is Evil Bad?

    I am going to assume that most of you will say it is. If so, why are you so EVIL!!! The vast majority of you are evil in too many ways for me to list in one sitting. So in calling evil bad, you can add hypocrisy to your list of evils. I will give you an example of what is your ultimate evil...
  16. RNG

    Dot.Don's bad night

    The president, the Commander-in-Chief, the holder of the nuke keys must have had a very bad night of insecurity attacks: If you want to read the comments, do so here:
  17. webguy4

    Bad Police
  18. F

    Do you think legal immigration is good or bad for the economy?

    What do you think and why?
  19. Nwolfe35

    That's too bad

    Trump, when asked by reporters about the collision between the USS John McCain and a Cargo ship in which 10 US sailors are missing, responded with "That's too bad." Let that sink in for minute. Now think about how the RW people here on DTT would be responding if it was Obama or Clinton...
  20. L

    Two bad God's

    Jesus Christ is totally handicapped and the Lord is left in of his underground. :lol: