1. S

    The Solution! to transgender bathrooms. This will not be well received but oh well. Since the term transgender is a misnomer any way! 1 bathroom for all, no stall doors, because we need to be able to make sure...
  2. Southern Dad

    Men in Women's Bathrooms of Target?

    I really feel bad for genetic girls. Where will they be able to pee in peace? As many know Target in an effort to be politically correct and acquiesce to the LGBT community introduced a policy that allowed people to use the bathroom or changing room that matched the gender they felt rather...
  3. TNVolunteer73

    Growing up, there were bathrooms my father had to use, other used different ones

    Obama care are the segregated bathrooms of the 21st century. Obama and Sebelus say, YOU HAVE TO USE THIS BATHROOM. This nice clean bathroom is for our use only. Our elected officals are EXEMPT from Obamacare.. Unions are Exempt from Obamacare (for now) >2100 waivers.