1. Neil

    Keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental human right

    Any law or policy that places any ban or any kind of restriction on keeping and bearing arms violates fundamental human rights and it is an act of violence to ever enforce such laws or policies.
  2. Sabcat

    Bearing and edgysphinx banned from YouTube

    The beginning of the end. Looks as if YouTube is going down the same rabbit hole as Twitter and Facebook. Demonitizing videos was not enough and was not silencing opposing opinions up to par so may as well just take them down. That damn alternative media keeps threatening the controlled scripts...
  3. hevusa

    Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs

    Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs Pollution Concerns Arise In Drinking-Water Source By David A. Fahrenthold Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, September 6, 2006; A01 Abnormally developed fish, possessing both male and female characteristics, have been...