1. imaginethat

    Syrian chemical attack survivor to Trump: I want to 'buy you a beer'

    Well, here's a scripted play if I ever saw one.....
  2. Clara007

    Beer Lovers Unite!! Bumble Beer--yowzaaa!

    Hey all you beer lovers! Here's a new wrinkle and Mr. Clara and I are anxious to try it. On this Independence Day, many Americans will no doubt be enjoying a beer or two. One of the essential ingredients in beer is yeast. But, for 600 years, only two species of yeast, ale yeast and lager...
  3. Sabcat

    Alcohol Industry Frantically Lobbies Against Legal Weed as Beer Sales Predict $2 Bill

    Information like this needs to be in the hands of every American. How so many major corporations are not only against but afraid of a simple little plant. It literally symbolizes Liberty. The fact that with a very small investment and no extra land the people can cultivate a "product" that...
  4. S

    Is it illegal to vote drunk? Can I buy a beer on Election Day?

    Let's say that I show up to the polls next Tuesday drunk. Not loud, not falling down, not showing my ass or anything, but 12 beer intoxicated. Can they disqualify me to vote? Maybe I just had two or three beers for lunch but someone smelled me and turned me in. Can I buy alcohol on election...
  5. Sabcat

    Obamacare is Coming After Your Craft Beer

    Listen up Bernie Sanders supporting hipsters: Obamacare is coming for your craft beer. According to the Brewer's Association, craft brewing contributed $55.7 billion to the U.S. economy and provided more than 440,000 jobs in 2014, a significant impact in a still sluggish economy...
  6. LongWinded

    Minnesota Woman Smashes Muslim in Face With Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili at Applebee

    Minnesota Woman Smashes Muslim in Face With Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili at Applebee?s | Alternet Intolerance. What a hateful white woman this is. She's created her reality and it's hell on earth.
  7. RNG

    Sometimes a Guy Just Really Wants a Beer

    BBC News - Australia man parks wingless aircraft at pub
  8. roastpork

    Here's the scoop on Beer in America.

    Personally I like Miller High Life the best as a great beer to have with food.:mellow: The State of American Beer - John Tierney - The Atlantic
  9. RNG

    That's My Beer You're Messing With - Revolution Now!

    Beer-delivery drone grounded by FAA -
  10. pana8

    Ice fishing beer delivery
  11. RNG

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

    The annual Ig Noble awards have been announced. I particularly liked the psychology prize, where the thread title comes from, and the peace prize More details in the link below. BBC News - 'Beer goggle' study wins Ig Nobel award
  12. onthefence

    Declaration of Beer Independence

    Declaration of Beer Independence I declare that these are historic times for beer, with today’s beer lover having inalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of hops and malt fermented from the finest of U.S. small and independent craft brewers with more than 1,900 of...
  13. pensacola niceman

    Water Is Great, Beer Is Good, And People Are Crazy

    I don't think I've ever been to a foreign country where you could drink out of the tap - and I have been to many. Even in the modern less-impoverished countries like S. Korea and the UAE, you're not supposed to drink from the tap.
  14. Dude111

    Do You Know Your Beer?

    Check here > I didnt get any right (I dont like beer which is most likely why)
  15. The Bare Knuckled Pundit

    Bubba's Iranian Politics and Beer Analogy

    While Americans have eagerly embraced the image of Mousavi the Reformer and the idea of a second Iranian revolution, they would be well advised to take a closer look beyond the headlines and eye-catching imagery. While Mousavi parts ways with Ahmadinejad on strict enforcement of the state's...
  16. highway80west

    Cops Say Dad Sold Teen for Cash, Beer

    Cops Say Dad Sold Teen for Cash, Beer Also, on the same page, there is a young dumb crook, too.
  17. T

    Awesome Invention :: The Beer Belly

    You gotta see it... The Beerbelly: Home It's like a backward camelback.
  18. FridgeRepairGuy

    Wood Chips plus Beer = ethanol!?!

    Check this out Coors brewing co is brewing wood chips into ethanol. Fill your car for $1.10 a gallon? | Videos on ZDNet
  19. garysher

    A Sobering story for beer drinkers

    Club tells pensioner to break wind outside By Matthew Moore and agencies Last Updated: 3:01pm GMT 06/12/2007 A retired bus driver who has drunk in the same social club for 20 years has been told to step outside when he breaks wind, because his flatulence is "disgusting" other customers...
  20. RidinHighSpeeds

    Teen beats up his grandmother because she won't buy him beer

    Teen beats up his grandmother - because she won't buy him beer Weird News Bradenton, Florida -- Deputies say a 16-year-old has been arrested for beating his grandmother with a two-by-four for refusing to give him $100 for...