1. F

    Are Bees Dying?

    No, bees are not dying out. No, their populations are not being harmed by neonicotinoid pesticides. No, farmers are not wiping out all the wildflower meadows which allow insects to flourish. But this is not something you ever hear about it in the media, obsessed as it is with the doom...
  2. GhostRider

    We need to save the bees Without the bees we die, we all need to help bring the bee population back. There are many flowers we can plant around our properties that will attract bees, do a google search for the appropriate plants for your...
  3. dusty

    remember vthe bees

    remember about the bees they are mutating. that's what I sead mutating or mutateing like changing. longer wings. and are lellow with some red
  4. dusty

    more on disaparing bees

    last year saw a few.. now see none if all bees go we wont be here 5 years from now
  5. hevusa

    Socialism is for the bees?

    Even the world of nature understands the idea of socialism. We can all fly around however we want. But we can all benefit from the hive! We can be strong and stable if we all contribute and help each other. Saftey in numbers