1. F

    Parasite Bell Ringers

    I posted numerous messages about involuntary servitude cases since ELANE PHOTOGRAPHY first hit the news: XXXXX Had the Court ruled on involuntary servitude they would have knocked down one of the Democrat Party’s major pillars...
  2. S

    R.I.P. Art Bell

    When he did 'Coast to Coast AM' it was a fascinating show, particularly through 2002, before retiring then coming back. It was great radio.
  3. roastpork

    Merry Christmas Mr. Bell guy.

    This really sucks.:angry: Salvation Army Bell Ringer Beaten for Wishing a Man 'Merry Christmas'
  4. tallagator

    Alabama Sheriff's deputies refused service at Taco bell.

    Alabama sheriff?s deputies refused service at Taco Bell - NY Daily News Hmmm, not good. Maybe, next time the cashier needs help they should reply "Sorry, we don't service taco bell'?:-D Guess, Vera Rutherford, Will find a job somewhere else cting like an ASS when cops come in?
  5. S

    Mexicans learning Spanish (so they can work at Taco Bell....)

    I went to school with a Mexican-American guy, who has a little sister who went there too, and they were the only Hispanics literally in our school. I did not know him well, but wanted to ask a question (even though I have not seen him in 30 years, it is a Facebook (embarrassed, face palm to...
  6. D

    Who Is Derek Bell And Why Should We Care.

    I'm sure you all have seen the "exclusive" video of Barak Obama opening a speach up for Derek Bell. If you haven't you can find it here: Now I know all the Dems are going to say Sean Hannity is off is gourd...
  7. jaaaman

    Morning Bell: Obama’S “Green Jobs” Pipe Dream

    President Barack Obama has a problem on his hands when even his stalwart allies at The New York Times have no choice but to admit to a glaring reality: The President’s “green jobs” promise has failed miserably. On Friday, the Times printed a harsh assessment of the state of the “green”...
  8. NPR

    Bell, Calif., Purges Leaders Engulfed In Scandal

    Bell, Calif., just elected new council members as part of a purge of city leaders engulfed in a corruption scandal. The city manager, his assistant and two council members were ordered to stand trial on charges related to the scandal. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source