1. skews13

    On The 7 GOP Senators That Just Betrayed Us In Moscow

    Trump and the GOP want to hold onto their control of the U.S. Senate more than anything in the world. They want it so bad they were willing to go to Moscow and telegraph their new quarterback, Vladimir Putin, to run the same play he ran in 2016, the one where Russian Internet trolls...
  2. imaginethat

    We already know Trump betrayed America

    Never mind what the investigations reveal, the betrayal plays out in plain view.... More: Trump Is Already Guilty of Aiding Putin's Attack on America | Mother Jones
  3. excalibur

    Labor Unions Claim Obama Betrayed Them

    And what about tens-of-millions of the rest of Americans "betrayed" by Obama lies and deceit over the disaster that is Obamacare? Heck, a moderator here admitted the other day that Obama lied about keeping your doctor. +++++++++++++++++++ Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in...
  4. highway80west

    Source: Incognito 'shocked, betrayed'

    Richie Incognito feels 'betrayed' by Jonathan Martin - ESPN Quote: Multiple sources confirmed to ESPN on Monday that Incognito used racial epithets and profane language toward Martin on multiple occasions. In a transcript of a voice mail message from April, Incognito referred to Martin as a...
  5. garysher

    Nom Launches Mailers Against Legislators Who Betrayed Voters On Marriage

    The National Organization for Marriage Launches Mailers Into The Districts of Seven GOP and Democratic Senators Who Betrayed Voters on Marriage $2 Million Pledge Being Fulfilled "This is the first step in what will be a sustained, determined effort to make sure the constituents of...