1. tristanrobin

    Anybody Else Watch Bill Maher This Weekend?

    The Friday night episode was excellent. I'm not usually a big fan of Michael Moore - he's a little too self-involved and self-congratulatory for me - but he was in excellent form. And Ben Shapiro really showed what a waste the conservative party has become in America. I admire Maher for...
  2. imaginethat

    6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop

    Yup, whatever gain ordinary folks are seeing is being offset at least partially by the rising cost of groceries and fuel ... and we haven't seen the effects of the trade war just yet, but it's in the pipe. More: 6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop | TheHill Assholes, always looking...
  3. Endtherepublic

    Bill of Rights Socialism

    Bill of Rights Socialism ? Communist Party USA
  4. Sabcat

    Bill Maher is 'hoping for' an economic collapse so he can 'get rid of Trump'
  5. L

    Trump Says Likely to Support Marijuana bill

    President Trump Says He Will Likely Support Congressional Effort to End Federal Ban on Marijuana | KTLA Well what do you know? Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Hopefully, he is sincere.
  6. RNG

    Bill Gates says Trump speaks in the 3rd person ...

    ... in a leaked video from a Gates Foundation meeting I don't know how Baghdad Bobbette Sanders is going to be able to spin this one. Make sure you watch the second video...
  7. tristanrobin

    WOW. Bill Maher Isn't Always Right On Target

    but he certainly nailed the Trump Administration with this one. You might not like that it's part of a comedy act, but you can't say one single word isn't the absolute truth. Including the final sentence.
  8. skews13

    Bill Maher Confronts Dear Friend Roseanne Barr Over Trump Support

    I had forgotten he appeared on her show. It's been to many years.
  9. Clara007

    Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault After Years of Accusations NORRISTOWN, Pa. — A jury found Bill Cosby guilty Thursday of drugging and sexually assaulting a young woman at his home near here 14 years ago, capping the downfall of one of the world’s best-known entertainers, and offering...
  10. Sabcat

    California Bill to Create Ministry Of Truth To Censor Alternative Media

    California Bill to Create Ministry Of Truth To Censor Alternative Media
  11. G

    As he read the Omnibus Bill, Rand Paul

    tweeted some comments. Oh my, what we do not know about .... How about 15 million to USAID for promoting international education between universities, 12 million for Scholarships for Lebanon, 15 m in Developmental assistance to ...China. Here is a doozy...350,000 spent asking if...
  12. J

    Trump to ok swamp creature spending bill, turns back on loyal patriotic conservatives

    See House Passes $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill, Starting Process to Avert Shutdown “Is the president going to sign the bill?” Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said of the president and the omnibus spending bill. “Yes.” If Mick Mulvaney is correct and President...
  13. J

    Jerry Brown’s Senate Bill 54, protecting illegal entrants, violates federal law!

    The argument is repeatedly made that local police are under no obligation to enforce Federal Law. But the argument under review is not about “local police” being under an obligation “…to enforce Federal Law.” That argument is an intentional distraction injected into the conversation to avoid...
  14. H

    Hillary voters want the Bill of Rights repealed

    With democrats, reality is funnier than Jim Carey ever was
  15. skews13

    Trump Could Have Had DACA, The Wall, And A Spending Bill Then He Blew It Up

    The deal would have been an all-around victory for him. It gave him $1.6 billion for the border wall he so badly wants. It gave him a DACA fix for Dreamers, the "bill of love" he'd asked Congress to give him. And it would have given him the votes to pass a long-term spending bill to both fund...
  16. S

    Tax Bill paying off!

    Comcast, ATT, Boeing Announce Bonuses After Tax Bill Passes | Time After tax bill, Walmart plans to increase minimum wage and give bonuses ? TheBlaze
  17. L

    WalMart give 22% raise to lowest paid workers due to Trump Tax Bill

    Looks like all the Dems lying about this just benefiting "billionaires" and "corporations" are getting exposed as the morons they are. Paying out bonuses to all workers as well.
  18. G

    Bill Clinton Lost the Nuclear Codes for Months

    Now that was a big story.
  19. TNVolunteer73

    GOP may see big gains thanks to tax bill

    How can a Democrat go out and tell their constituents that they voted against a bill that will cut their tax burden. The Tax cut will for the average tax payer equal to a $1/hour Raise...
  20. S

    Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to prohibit late-term abortions

    Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to prohibit late-term abortions ? TheBlaze Currently they allow baby killing up till 6 months Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) vetoed a bill Monday to prohibit abortion procedures after 20 weeks gestation in the state. What happened? The Pennsylvania...