1. Sabcat

    Victims Kidnapped by Fascist BLM to be Released
  2. tristanrobin

    Prime Example of Why We Need BLM

    Video of white cop stopping black man on street draws outrage - NY Daily News and if you don't watch the video, please don't bother commenting
  3. B

    Ben Shapiro Destroys BLM

    Shapiro hits the nail on the head. CULTURE.
  4. Sabcat

    Infiltrating the antifa BLM protest in Durham

    This is good. But hey, camel rider says that they are not real.
  5. Sabcat

    Tennessee becomes the first state to ban BLM and antifa from shutting down schools Tennessee is First State To Ban BLM and Antifa on Campuses ? Daily Headlines A move in the right direction.
  6. K

    Blm protesters stop Betsy Devos from entering DC school

    Protesters initially block DeVos from entering DC school | Fox News these clowns need to get a life. can you imagine them doing this to one of obama cabinet's members??? Protesters initially blocked newly confirmed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C., school on...
  7. K

    White teeen brutally beaten by BLM gang Authorities in Alabama said four people have been arrested on felony assault charges in the beating of a 17-year-old...
  8. coke

    More riots built on a BLM lie

    Governor declares state of emergency as violence erupts for second night
  9. P

    A story with a good ending involving BLM and Police!

    A story with a good ending!
  10. P

    BLM shows disrespect to an elderly man!

    See this would not happen here and shame on that police officer! Until I hear a reason he did not clear the way. See what happened was, he said I'm going to work and it confused them, they have never heard the term. This will not happen to me I will walk forward and if they are in my way I...
  11. R

    The BLM code

  12. tristanrobin

    BLM: "What about black-on-black crime?"
  13. P

    This is what BLM causes

    Columbus police officer hospitalized after glass found in sandwich | WSYX ooops so sorry we have no idea how that could have happened! I guarantee the investigation finds no wrong doing which of course will be B.S
  14. Sabcat

    BLM movement: Bad for Democrats, good for Republicans
  15. R

    BLM animals support Baton Rouge police shooting

    One picture says it all. Dozens of Black Lives Matter and anti-police supporters, including an editor for ThinkProgress have taken to Twitter after the murder of three Baton Rouge police officers earlier today. Zack Foster, an editor for ThinkProgress, said it was “no surprise” that...
  16. Sabcat

    BLM Wants its Own Country Within America

    #RegressiveNews: BLM Wants its Own Country Within America Computing Forever some really good points made in here
  17. P

    This will give great Pride to Liberals and blm
  18. tallagator

    Blm protest blocks ambulance carrying sick child.

    Black Lives Matter protest blocks ambulance with sick child headed for hospital « Hot Air This is an all time low for BLM protesters to block an Ambulance carrying a sick child to the hospital.:angry:
  19. tallagator

    More BLM hypocrisy

    Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy in Cheering Violence | National Review BLM hypocrisy behind violence.
  20. excalibur

    Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

    As many others can plainly see. Because if they were not they would be in Chicago non-stop protesting the murders there of innocent blacks by other blacks. Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ?Radical Hate Group? » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! 