1. imaginethat

    Bob Woodward's new book puts readers 'face to face with Trump'

    From the author of "Obama's Wars," a book about Donald entitled, "Fear." Of course. Bullies rely on fear, whether dealing with another nation or rounding up another sex prospect. The book will be released before the midterms. More...
  2. imaginethat

    Trump promotes Jeanine Pirro's new book in Oval Office

    Just imagine.... Imagine a liberal president doing this. Imagine the reaction from "conservatives." Trump outright breaks US law, and will his base hold him to account? Is the moon made of green cheese...
  3. tristanrobin

    Dusting Off Book Shelves ...

    ... the back of Sinclair Lewis' 1935 classic in the Penguin paperback reissue edition of It Can't Happen Here. whew ... prescient or what?
  4. Sabcat

    Booksellers expected 'Fire and Fury' crowds for Comey book. Instead, journalists

    DC booksellers expected 'Fire and Fury' crowds for Comey book. Instead, they got mostly journalists
  5. S

    Media Blasts Comey, His Book: ‘Pitiable,’ ‘Small-Minded,’ ‘Self-Righteous,’ ‘Dumb’

    Poor Comey. Media Blasts Comey, His Book: ‘Pitiable,’ ‘Small-Minded,’ ‘Self-Righteous,’ ‘Dumb’
  6. S

    What FBI agents saying about Comey’s book — and it’s not

    Here’s what FBI agents are reportedly saying about James Comey’s book — and it’s not good
  7. RNG

    Comey's book is out

    Or at least advanced copies have been made available to news sources. First item: In his new book, James Comey compares Trump to Mob boss | CBC News
  8. xMathFanx

    Ever Considered Publishing a Book at Some Point?

    Ever Considered Publishing a Book at Some Point?
  9. L

    Even Slate is eviscerating Wolff’s Bullshit book.

    Ouch! When lefty icon websites start taking cover, you know you are toast.
  10. Sabcat

    Fake 'gorilla channel' parody of new Trump book fools media figures

    Fake 'gorilla channel' parody of new Trump book fools media figures | TheHill Here is the" excerpt" So awesome
  11. L

    Admitted liar, narcissist Wolff says book will bring down Trump.

    Wow! This guy is full of himself. He puts out a book he admits is full of fiction and claims in an interview with BBC that this will end the Trump Presidency. At least he admits what his motives for the book were. I wonder how many libs here buy his idiocy and think this will end Trump...
  12. skews13

    Tapper cuts hyperventilating Miller loose - "I’ve wasted enough of my viewers time"
  13. L

    Wolff admits his Trump book is full of lies.

    But Liberals won't believe his own words. They will continue to push this book as accurate despite the fact Wolfe says this IN HIS OWN BOOK! Michael Wolff note says he doesn't know if Trump book is all true - Business Insider
  14. Sabcat

    Santa’s Husband’ is a children’s book about a gay, black St. Nick

    ?Santa?s Husband? is a children?s book about a gay, black St. Nick ? and the author is no shocker ? TheBlaze
  15. dusty

    This is predicted in the Book of Nostrodamus

    I found something about trump in the book of nostrodamus nostrodamus.......century10 / qurd76 The great Senate will ordain the triumph For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out: At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be Put up for sale their possessions...
  16. RNG

    Now Book on Trump

    New Book on Trump A reporter, I'm sure hoping for a Pulitzer Prize, is publishing a compendium of Trump's late night tweets. The working title: Derp Thoughts
  17. fdtwain

    Corrected text of the Book of Revelation

    Below is the text of the Book of Revelation, corrected of significant errors contained in the KJV Bible: ? View topic - The Book of Revelation
  18. GhostRider

    The book "Clinton Cash" a right wing lie

    Clinton Cash Crushed By Facts As Author Admits He Has No Evidence Of Clinton Crimes Another manufactured scandal by the right against Clinton is baseless.
  19. S

    Book "Face yourself. About our times"

    We live in extraordinary times. Externally human life is changing tens and even hundreds of times faster than it did before. Only the souls of men and the reasons for their happiness or unhappiness remain unchanged. It is sad that in our modern bustle of our lives we often forget this...
  20. K

    new book may be the final nail in the coffin for hillary.. Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by acclaimed best-selling author Peter Schweizer is scheduled to be published May...