1. F

    Whose Housing Boom Is It?

    Postpone the celebration on this one: New Home Sales Soar 6.7% as South Rises to 11 Year High by John Carney 25 Jun 2018 New Home Sales Soar 6.7% as South Rises to 11 Year High | Breitbart Lets take a closer look at housing booms beginning with education industry parasites...
  2. F

    A Cyclical Boom And Bust

    The title of this thread is meant to be redundant. Cyclical is the latest synonym for Boom and Bust. B.S. (Before Socialism) the purchasing power of the American dollar was one of the few constants in a changing world irrespective of inevitable boom and bust cycles. Bring back the...
  3. skews13

    Trump Inherits The Obama Boom If nothing else, during their eight years in the White House George W. Bush and company became experts at deflecting blame. After all, the likes of Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Bush himself all...
  4. Q

    BOOM! Black Man Exposes Obama’s NASTY Louisiana Photo-Op In Viral Letter

    BOOM! Black Man Exposes Obama's NASTY Louisiana Photo-Op In Viral Letter If it wasn't a photo-op, then why did he bring his podium along? Just stand out there like a man for once. The guy is a disgrace to the Oval Office. What has he accomplished that has benefitted America? His...
  5. imaginethat

    Australia’s Brothel Boom

    The term "sex worker" just doesn't sit right with me, and "Langtrees" just seems too close to "Applebees." :) Btw, the poll is private, confidential. Australia's brothel boom: As the country's mining industry expands, so does the sex trade.
  6. roastpork

    Oil boom has unexpected benefits.

    Oil boom produces jobs bonanza for archaeologists
  7. pana8

    Boom: AP Confirms Hoboken's Share of Sandy Aid 'On Par' With Other Cities

    One week ago today, we covered in detail serious allegations from the Democratic Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey against Chris Christie's administration. Dawn Zimmer claimed that two high-ranking Christie officials -- including the Lieutenant Governor -- told her that aid for her city's recovery...
  8. Uncle Han

    First quarter growth revised downward to anemic 1.8%....DESPITE ENERGY BOOM

    First quarter growth revised downward to anemic 1.8% The Obama Recovery continues to impress - with how pathetically weak it is. LA Times: The U.S. economy struggled even more than originally thought in the first three months of the year, growing at an anemic 1.8% annual rate, the...
  9. NPR

    All-American Streetcar Boom Fuels An Urban Future

    It can sound like something out of The Jetsons when President Obama talks about high-speed rail, futuristic airports and nationwide, broadband Internet. One growing part of America's infrastructure, however, has a distinctly 19th-century feel. It's the return of the streetcar. » E-Mail This    ...
  10. intangible child

    Bachmann Goes Boom!

    Five days ago, Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann seemed headed to a relatively pedestrian reelection win in her suburban Twin Cities district. Then this happened (the excitement begins around the seven-minute mark): Bachmann Goes Boom! - The Fix Those comments, made to Chris...