1. RNG

    NEW Russian bots, 'troll factory' test waters ahead of U.S. midterms

    And they're at it again (still?) I hope Dot Don is aware of this for his upcoming meeting. Shady websites like USAReally, run out of Moscow, creep up ahead of November elections But it probably wouldn't matter. As was posted previously in another thread, although he accepts the fact that...
  2. imaginethat

    Pro-gun Russian bots flood twitter after Parkland shooting

    It's cyber warfare, conquest by Facebook and Twitter, chaos created the measure of victory. PRO-GUN RUSSIAN BOTS FLOOD TWITTER AFTER PARKLAND SHOOTING EACH NEW BREAKING news situation is an opportunity for trolls to grab attention, provoke emotions, and spread propaganda. The Russian...
  3. Sabcat

    Democrats urge Facebook and Twitter to probe Russian bots Lol