1. Twisted Sister

    Boy Scouts

    425,000 Boy Scouts in one week abandon the organization after name change. This is the demise of the Boy Scouts done in by the Girl Scouts.
  2. Sabcat

    U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls
  3. Sabcat

    17-Year-Old Transgender Boy Wins Texas Girls' Wrestling Championship
  4. RNG

    "Boy" Scouts enter the 20th century

    This should be fun. I wonder if the Dotard discussed it with his main fan, the head honcho of the Scouts?
  5. Sabcat

    The boy who cried Nazi

    The boy who cried nazi
  6. Fargo

    Pajama boy Ossoff and Georgia 6th

    The desperation of Democrats as they try to buy a win with overwhelming money. Jon Ossoff raises $15M more in what was already record-breaking Ga 6th | Political Insider blog
  7. Sabcat

    Father of Famous Aleppo Boy Just Exposed How the US & White Helmets Lied to the World

    More keeps coming up about that false flag event. Though there has been evidance presented about this the sheeple and lemmings keep their eyes closed. Whisper the slightest thing about Trump and Putin and their ears light up like puppies at the feet of a toddler eating.
  8. reedak

    Boy, don't be naughty or else the bogeyman will get you!

    The following is full text of the editorial published by the Chinese state-run tabloid, Global Times, on 12 April 2017 under the headline "Is North Korea nuclear crisis reaching a showdown?" (Begin text) US President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that "North Korea is looking for trouble. If...
  9. skews13

    Susan Rice Did Her Job And Boy Are Republicans Pissed

    In Lake’s telling, it was Rice who allegedly asked intelligence-agency leaders to reveal the names, which are normally “masked” to protect US citizens caught in foreign-intelligence gathering. Senator Rand Paul claimed Lake had identified the “smoking gun” that validated Donald Trump’s claims...
  10. Clara007

    Another Bad Boy named Billy??

    A new report published Saturday alleges Bill O’Reilly issued payouts to five women claiming he sexually harassed them. Despite these allegations, Fox News Channel has decided to renew O’Reilly’s contract. O’Reilly’s cable news show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” is the most-watched cable news program...
  11. RNG

    Fat Boy escapes again

    Latest from CNN: I guess he's as innocent as a saint. Barf.
  12. RNG

    The boy blunder strikes again

    Here's some more of that class we have all come to expect: Go to the link, there are more details. Trump defends wild claims: 'I'm president, and you're not' - And here: In interview about his falsehoods, President Trump offers new ones In interview about his falsehoods...
  13. GhostRider

    Another conservative caught with underage boy.

    Oklahoma Senator under investigation for incident at motel with teen boy | The right wing (family vlalues)hypocrites love their little boys behind their wall of fake christianity and higher moral standards.
  14. imaginethat

    Dirty White Boy

    It'd be cool if Foreigner played at Trump's big party. Dirty White Boy It's so apropos. Just perfect. "Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone." :lol:
  15. excalibur

    'Clock Boy' Loses in Court, Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

    Some sanity amidst a sea of insanity. 'Clock Boy' Loses in Court, Father's Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed 
  16. Toto2

    11-Yr-Old Boy Attacked at School & Put in Crutches for Voting Trump in Mock Election

    STAFFORD, Texas (FOX 26) - A student at Stafford Elementary is recovering Wednesday after being beaten by several of his classmates. He says it was during a mock election when the class was asked, “Who voted for Donald Trump?” ...“These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for...
  17. roastpork

    Clock Boy

    And in my estimation it wasn't even a good project or clock!:lol: 'Clock Boy' Ahmed's Father Files Lawsuit Against The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, and More
  18. Grizz1

    Swedish police chief sparks anger by SYMPATHISING with Somali boy, 15.

    The head of the Swedish police has sparked outrage by expressing sympathy with the teenage asylum seeker accused of murdering social worker Alexander Mezher. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who has already admitted police cannot cope with the wave of migrant crime, said he has...
  19. coke

    Oh boy, here we go

    U.S. deploying new force to Iraq to boost fight against Islamic State