1. Sabcat

    School’s decision to refuse girls right to say no if boys ask them to dance

    School?s decision to refuse girls right to say no if boys ask them to dance challenged by pupil?s parent | The Independent The party of hypocrisy and double standards is at it again. I feel terrible for children who have to look to these lunatics as role models. SMH
  2. webguy4

    Boys in Trouble

    America prison population has exploded, 93 percent males. For the first time in the US, boys with have less education than their fathers. Young adult males are 6 times more likely to suicide than females. The rate used to be the same. All school shooting perps are males. Fewer males...
  3. Toefoot

    Sanctuary City Mayor Accused of ‘Raping and Molesting’ Teenage Boys

    Lets see how this plays out... A lawsuit alleges Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who has defended the city’s policy of refusing to turn over illegal alien criminals to federal authorities, raped drug-addicted, teenaged boys. A 46-year-old plaintiff, identified as D.H., claims that he met Murray...
  4. Q

    QUESTION: Is Obama A ‘Good’ ROLE MODEL For Boys Or Is He A PUSSY?

    Odumbo has been charading as a straight married man. Truth is he is a homosexual and married to a transexual. What mentally ill ppl will we elect next? QUESTION: Is Obama A 'Good' ROLE MODEL For Boys Or Is He A PUSSY? ? Doug Giles ? #ClashDaily
  5. excalibur

    School will stop referring to students as “boys” and “girls”

    NC school will stop referring to students as ?boys? and ?girls? « Hot Air 
  6. E

    The Brazilian Boys

    During World War II, a group of Brazilian pilots fought alongside the Allies in Europe. Did You know about the participation of this group in WW2? Meet these men and their machines, including rare color photos by visiting the link below: Aviação em Floripa: 1º GAvCa na Itália Best Regards!
  7. Sabcat

    44 boys is to many. little girls letter to clinton

    this is a great little video, just under 2 min long
  8. Gordy

    Boys In Blue

  9. imaginethat

    ISIS Crucifies Two Syrian Boys for Eating During Ramadan

    ISIS is a cancer that should unite the world in eliminating it. Imo, ISIS is a Saudi experiment gone bad.
  10. RNG

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Sometimes when they really shouldn't. More at BBC News - Secret Service investigates agents after White House crash
  11. intangible child

    Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys - Live 72 (Full Song) fusion07mp4 fusion07mp

    Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys - Live 72 (Full Song) Traffic - Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys - Live 72 (Full Song) - YouTube
  12. TNVolunteer73

    Remember the GOP was declared Dead, not so fast my little crayola boys.

    RealClearPolitics - Election Other - Generic Congressional Vote That massive 10 point lead, disappeared faster than the object of David Copperfield's act.
  13. Uncle Han

    Odumbo's Rules of Engagement Got Our Boys Killed in Afghanistan

    The 12-Year War: 73% of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan on Obama's Watch n total, 2,144 U.S. military personnel have given their lives fighting in and around Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. 1,575 of the U.S. military personnel who have sacrificed their lives in this...
  14. skews13

    And This Boys And Girls Is Why We Have Obamacare

    Every time a nurse drew blood, a “ROUTINE VENIPUNCTURE” charge of $36.00 appeared, accompanied by charges of $23 to $78 for each of a dozen or more lab analyses performed on the blood sample. In all, the charges for blood and other lab tests done on Recchi amounted to more than $15,000. Had...
  15. Mr. Logic

    david geffen & good old Jewish boys

    Public Broadcasting did a documentary on Geffen the other night and how he decided Obama would be our next Prez. Is this the United States of Jewish America? How he can stand there with all of his Jewish Cronies and not be ashamed of being Racist is beyond me. Why Non Racist Jews need to stand...
  16. T

    US Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier Than Ever

    Interesting CNN article...
  17. imaginethat

    Why Gays Molest Boys

    Did you know that gays molest little boys because they don't have AIDS? That's sensible. And that if you're gay, and don't want to die when you are 40, then become a celibate and live to be 8O. No, really.... Plus, all bisexuals are insane. Yes dammit, ALL bisexuals. There's a lot more good...
  18. waitingtables

    Adam Yauch-M.c.a. Of The Beastie Boys, Dies Of Cancer At 47

    Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys died today from cancer after a long fight. They are one of my favorites and I am so sad for Ad Rock/Adam H. And Mike D and Adam Y's family and friends. RIP MCA, the world won't be the same without you. Gone too soon. "I'm MCA I got nothin to prove, pay...
  19. garysher

    Alleged Homosexual Penn State Assistant Coach Molested 9 Boys Allegedly

    Mothers Of Alleged Sandusky Victims Speak Out On Tuesday morning, a ninth alleged sexual assault victim of former coach Jerry Sandusky has reportedly come forward. An exclusive story in the Patriot-News gave voice to two mothers of alleged victims. Their stories are specific, extensive...