1. L

    Gay Couple Left With Brain Injuries Following St Petersburg Attack Ahead of World Cup Sad. Russia is a disgusting place. Unfortunately, I am betting this is just the first. (Side note-I am assuming given the poor English in this article, that the person who...
  2. imaginethat

    Psychedelics may physically alter the structure of the brain

    I can testify that psychedelics including marginally cannabis indeed "changed" my perceptions of the physical world, the way things look, the way light appears, the way music sounds, amongst other changes. Apparently, this altering of brain structure can be useful in treating depression...
  3. skews13

    The View From Trumps Brain

  4. U

    In the center most part of my brain, I see....

    SEX is gonna take a whole new definition during the trump sex storm....ROFL.......All the rules are gonna change..... The rules will encompass trumps whole life...... No adultery before becoming President........that will be a norm...... So all you dudes and dudeeeee's who are gonna run for...
  5. Quigley

    Researchers Have Linked a Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time Ever

    Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces
  6. tristanrobin

    Right Wing Says McCain's Brain Cancer is God's Wrath

    John McCain Cancer Is ‘Godly Justice’ for Challenging Trump, Alt-Right Claims Most Americans met Wednesday night’s news that Arizona Senator John McCain was facing a dire diagnosis of brain cancer with shows of respect for the elder statesman and former prisoner of war. But to some on the...
  7. RNG

    John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

    Multiple sources are reporting this. It was released by his office. Best wishes to him.
  8. imaginethat

    Daily Tea for Your Brain

    Cheers! Drinking Tea May Help Improve Cognitive Function
  9. GhostRider

    Trump legalizes pesticide known to cause brain damage in youth.

    BREAKING: Trump Officially Legalizes Infamous Pesticide That Causes Brain Damage in Children The liar trump probably did this to increase the number of republican voters. "Use of this particular pesticide has been linked to lower IQs around the nation. Maybe that’s what they are after...
  10. Clara007

    Trump's Brain Strenghtener

    Found this in my SPAM today. It's hilarious! Donald Trump with Dr. Oz: "This tiny pill gives me the mental and physical stamina that will win me this erection....err, I mean election." Donald Trump appeared on the Dr. Oz show last week revealing a supplement, usually reserved for the rich...
  11. GhostRider

    Food for brain dead righties.

    Alex Jones: Vote For Trump Or The Anti-Christ Will Start World War III (VIDEO) | If You Only News Who is paying this anti American POS to vomit up his hate and lies?
  12. GhostRider

    Trumps power is his money not his brain. Like all cowards, Trump will use his money to control others.
  13. BubbaJones

    And here's a another brain donor

    Alabama judge who wouldn?t marry gays suspended over sexual messages / LGBTQ Nation Just ...... just ...... just ...... no words LOLOLOLOL
  14. GhostRider

    Ben Carson the bible thumper and brain dead liar.

    All Mostly False statements involving Ben Carson | PolitiFact Every comment was a lie or twisted truth.
  15. Sabcat

    Family sues tsa for beating their deaf, blind and brain damaged teen daughter bloody

    Family Sues TSA for Beating Their Deaf, Blind and Brain Damaged Teen Daughter Bloody at Airport | The Daily Sheeple
  16. imaginethat

    Cannabis could treat Alzheimer's by removing plaque-forming proteins from brain cells

    The killer weed. Cannabis compounds could treat Alzheimer's -
  17. RNG

    It's the Brain, not the Hands

    Sorry, but I must get back on my soap box. I had a mobile phone, an ancient relative of what morphed over about 4 distinct steps into our current cell phones. And had to have such communication available to me 24/7 till I retired. The first 2 versions had a hand held "push to talk" type...
  18. imaginethat

    LSD Makes The Brain More Complete: Scientists

    Something long suspected now has evidence to back it up, the "oneness" thing, and the induced death of the ego. And: As an individual matures, her thinking becomes more rigid.... To her detriment. The supple branch bends with the wind. The brittle branch snaps. LSD Makes The Brain More...
  19. Panther

    How well does our brain work?

  20. coke

    Your brain on feminism I agree with the author of the above linked video.