1. roastpork

    Obama used the Brits to spy on Trump's campaign.

    Here you go Progressives! Judge Napolitano: 'Three Intel Sources' Say Obama Looked to Brit Agency to Spy on Trump - Breitbart
  2. excalibur

    Brits Leave EU!

    Great moment. Another defeat for the one world, no borders crowd. EU Referendum Results - BBC News 
  3. excalibur

    Do the Brits Want Their Guns Back?

    Poll Says Brits Want Their Guns Back
  4. highway80west

    BP Lobbied Brits Ahead of Lockerbie Bomber Release

    BP Confirms Lobbying UK Ahead of Lockerbie Bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi's Release LONDON (July 15) -- Amid a new U.S. furor over trading a terrorist for commercial considerations, BP confirmed today that it had lobbied the British government in late 2007 over a prisoner transfer agreement...
  5. tristanrobin

    Brits Go Off the Deep End

    Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist' By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent Last Updated: 10:15AM BST 07/07/2008 Toddlers who turn their noses up at spicy food from overseas could be branded racists by a Government-sponsored agency. The National...
  6. T

    Brits Angry at Fox News...

    Brits are angry at Fox News for what they consider to be callous and self-serving remarks by its on-air (Brit Hume and Brian Kilmeade particular) personalities concerning the London bombings. John Gibson, a Fox News personality, said this: "If they had picked France instead of London to hold the...