1. TNVolunteer73

    Democrat party to candidate Get out you are too brown to win.

    Omar Siddicqui was told by the CA Democrat Party "you are too brown to win so get out of the race."
  2. Sabcat

    Governor Brown has Undocumented House Guest Arrested

    Homeless man breaks into California governor's residence, says he's an 'open-door policy kind of guy' | Fox News
  3. G

    Governor Brown of Oregon, was the one

    in line to take the office when it's Governor Kitzhaber resigned during scandals about his miss use of office, with his girl friend, Cylina Hayes. In February the commission made preliminary findings that Kitzhaber had violated ethics laws on at least 10 instances while he was governor between...
  4. Toefoot

    California and Gov Brown

    California taxpayers must really enjoy Mr Brown, between the High Speed train, Delta tunnels he now has stated that California will launch satellites if need be. Wednesday in San Francisco, during his speech to the American Geophysical Union, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) vowed to the crowd of...
  5. S

    Kimberlin Brown and an empty arena. Kimberlin Brown speech. Kimberlin is a hottie. I am around her age. And I like women my age, don't want a 20 year old, I want a woman in her 40's that look like her, and Gary is a lucky bastard. For the last two days, my question is, where is...
  6. roastpork

    Black Lives Wearing Brown Shirts.

    Obama's Brown Shirts, how nice.:mellow: Savage: Black Lives Matter Is 'Obama's Secret, Private Army'
  7. LongWinded

    Sherrod Brown pushes for charter school accountability and transparency

    Sherrod Brown pushes for charter school accountability and transparency About time. NOW we need to make sure the same is done with Faith Based Initiative funds.
  8. intangible child

    Gov Brown: Include Corporate Farms in your Water Restriction Rules

    Governor Brown's recent water restrictions take an important step toward water conservation for the state. But the restrictions have one glaring omission: corporate farms, which use a whopping 80% of the state's water, according to Bloomberg. While none of us wants to see California's...
  9. K

    michael brown's parents will file civil lawsuit

    Michael Brown's family to file civil lawsuit 'shortly,' attorney says - these people just can't admit their son was in the wrong and caused his own death. maybe they can't face the fact that they were not good parents? they just can't admit their son was a criminal...
  10. LongWinded

    Key Witness In Michael Brown Case May Not Have Actually Seen Him Die, Report Says

    Key Witness In Michael Brown Case May Not Have Actually Seen Him Die, Report Says Look at that. The prosecutor found liars to defend Wilson. Nothing crooked nor wrong here. Ya', right!
  11. intangible child

    Pass the Michael Brown, Jr. Law to begin equipping police with body cameras

    When our unarmed son Michael Brown, Jr. was killed by a Ferguson police officer, our lives were forever changed. We are devastated and profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions...
  12. K

    michael brown's step father arrested for inciting a riot

    Mike Brown's Stepfather Arrested And Charged With Inciting A Riot After Commanding Protesters To "Burn This B**** Down!" | National Report HA! he deserves, how stupid to scream "burn this bitch down" in front of a camera. maybe they can throw his mother in the same cell for her assault...
  13. webguy4

    wilson shooting brown was the spark

    wilson shooting brown was the spark, but what is the fuel for this fire. we got sharpton and holder fanning the flames, but that's not the fuel either. the fuel is lots of minority youths who are estranged from society. they think there is nothing in it for them, and nothing they have to...
  14. S

    Mother Brown gets the news...

    Such a classy mother; it's hard to fathom how the gentle giant went wrong.
  15. excalibur

    Wilson Not Indicted

    Breaking news. No indictment in Ferguson case 
  16. excalibur

    The Michael Brown Acorn Didn't Fall Far From The Tree

    Such sweet people. Michael Brown's Mother Named As Robbery Attacker | The Smoking Gun 
  17. K

    obama speaks about michael brown shooting

    Obama: "Gulf of Mistrust" Between Law Enforcement and Locals the way Obama said this implies that he believes brown was just walking down the street doing nothing wrong and was shot by a racist cop for no reason. why doesn't he mention that brown had just robbed a store and attacked the cop...
  18. LongWinded

    Video Shows Witnesses' Disbelief Following Michael Brown Shooting

    Video Shows Witnesses' Disbelief Following Michael Brown Shooting Cold blooded murder by the police.
  19. excalibur

    Governor Jerry Brown = Dumb and Dumber

    Only a fool speaks this way, and that is Brown in spades. Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California' 
  20. K

    white house officials will attend michael brown's funeral

    White House officials to attend Michael Brown?s funeral - The Washington Post since when do white house official's attend criminal's funerals??? it's bad enough that they are airing it on national TV like he's some kind of hero. are these officials going to attend the funeral of the white kid...