1. U

    The wall is BS, It will never be built.

    it would cost a trillion $ and take 10 years, minimum, and it wouldn't do a thing about the 30 million illegals who are already HERE! Most FLY here anyway. If you dont put a rifleman atop of the wall, every 1/4 mile, with trip flares, night vision and shoot women and kids, the wall will mean...
  2. RNG

    The wall is being built

    But nowhere in the story is there anything about Mexico paying for it. So, 2000 mi X 5280 ft/mi / 30 = 352,000 thirty foot sections. 352,000 X $500,000/30 ft = $176 Billion. US hands out first contracts for border wall prototypes - BBC News
  3. foundit66

    Confederate Statues Were Built To Further A 'White Supremacist Future'

    Why Were Confederate Monuments Built? : NPR Some people proclaim these monuments are "historical" but ignore the reality of what history they are meant to celebrate. :mad
  4. imaginethat

    Keystone pipeline won't have to be built using US steel

    Whaaaaaa? Didn't Donald just say it would be? He can't help himself. He's so accustomed to making deals and saying anything that will help. to make the deal. I think most people here watched at least some of his address, and if you saw this, you probably remember it because it sounded...
  5. coke

    More riots built on a BLM lie

    Governor declares state of emergency as violence erupts for second night
  6. Gordy

    Red Cross Has Only Built Six Homes in Haiti

    Red Cross Built Exactly 6 Homes For Haiti With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Donations This is more proof that charity does nothing for poor and oppressed people and just keeps them pacified and in a state of dysfunction. This is what liberals need to understand. Welfare and charity are not...
  7. Sabcat

    Who built the pyramids?

  8. LongWinded

    How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars For Haiti *and Built 6 Homes

    How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars For Haiti ­and Built 6 Homes | Alternet I quit giving to the Red Cross when they charged soldiers in Viet Nam for coffee and donuts.
  9. RNG

    Musk's Hyperloop Being Built

    The future is coming. And not a word about taxpayer's dollars being involved. Although this is the type of project I don't mind seeing government money going into. Hyperloop to be built in Central California next year - BBC News
  10. S

    Washington Post Fact Check Shows Obama's Amnesty Built On Lies

    Washington Post Fact Check Shows Obama's Amnesty Built On Lies Conn Carroll | Nov 24, 2014 Defending his executive action giving work permits to some 4 million illegal immigrants, President Obama told ABC News's George Stephanopoulos Friday, "If you look, every president – Democrat and...
  11. Medicine Man

    When We Still Built BIG THINGS!!!

    Dedicated: September 30, 1935 * The Story Of Hoover Dam - YouTube
  12. Sabcat

    A nation who's laws are built on religion is a good thing

    Sharia Law and Fundamentalist Christianity For a few years, secularists and scholars have claimed Sharia law and fundamentalist Christian tenets are mirror images of one another. We’ve all heard fundamentalist Christians compared to the Taliban, or read articles about the Quiverfull movement...
  13. pana8

    Good thing we built BRICS a move in ready military base.

    Investigation after US military spends $34 million on unused building in Afghanistan - World News Doesn't Obama get tired of being made to look like a clown. China, Russia, India hold talks on Afghanistan | The BRICS Post
  14. excalibur

    Obamacare Payment System Yet to Be Built

    In other news, surviving members of Monty Python are getting together after 30 years. Comedy all over. :lol: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ By Jim Geraghty November 19, 2013 1:31 PM The information-technology systems of Obamacare are still anywhere from 30 to 70 percent unfinished, an...
  15. P

    The Cliff the Keynesians Built

    ''A stimulus program should be timely, targeted and temporary." —Lawrence Summers, January 29, 2008 Well, well. So the folks who have run U.S. economic policy since 2008 are alarmed about the peril of the 2013 "fiscal cliff." Too bad they didn't worry about that when they were creating the...
  16. The White House

    President Obama Speaks on an Economy Built to Last

    President Obama outlines his blueprint for an America built to last, which includes a strong manufacturing industry, at the Intel Ocotillo campus. Source - http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2012/01/25/president-obama-speaks-economy-built-last
  17. The White House

    President Obama Speaks on an Economy Built to Last in Iowa

    President Obama visits Conveyor Engineering and Manufacturing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and speaks about strengthening our economy and building an American that’s built to last. Source - http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2012/01/25/president-obama-speaks-economy-built-last-iowa
  18. T

    Cordoba Mosque Approved to be Built at Ground Zero

    This is very Sad... Disappointing Update Regarding Cordoba Mosque | Quixotic Journey More detail here: Stop the Construction of Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero! | Quixotic Journey They've got to be stopped... The Enemy Within… | Quixotic Journey