1. L

    Even Slate is eviscerating Wolff’s Bullshit book.

    Ouch! When lefty icon websites start taking cover, you know you are toast. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2018/01/fire_and_fury_by_michael_wolff_reviewed.html
  2. skews13

    Tax Reform: Always The Same Tired Bullshit

    The word on the street—Pennsylvania Avenue—is that the next big undertaking in the city that never wakes up to reality but always puts a good spin on a bad message, will be rewriting the tax code. Here are two feel-good statements emanating from D.C. The Nationals will win it all this year...
  3. coke

    This is bullshit

    ‘Like it’s been nuked': Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes ?Like it?s been nuked': Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes
  4. skews13

    Fact Check: The $400 Million Iran Story Is Bullshit

    Go Figure.
  5. baloney_detector

    On Bullshit!

    Sorry about the language folks, but the professor in the video makes some good points.
  6. Camelot

    Raffe Cruz = Anti-Establishment = BULLSHIT

    Here we have a guy who attended Harvard, is married to a partner at Goldman Sachs, whose presidential campaign is being bankrolled by billionaire hedge fund guys and whose Senatorial campaign was financed by Goldman Sachs and Citi even though he failed to legally disclose this to the FEC. ANYONE...
  7. RNG

    On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit

    Interesting study here with the title: On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit http://journal.sjdm.org/15/15923a/jdm15923a.pdf In it bullshit ,for the purpose of this study is defined. From an article about the paper: The pseudo bullshit generator - New-Age...
  8. imaginethat

    Scholars Call Bullshit on Netanyahu's Speech Blaming Palestinian for the Holocaust

    Bibi is laying groundwork ... for what? More: https://news.vice.com/article/scholars-call-bullshit-on-netanyahus-speech-blaming-palestinian-for-the-holocaust
  9. Dude111

    Catholic Church admits Bible is Bullshit

    www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article574768.ece This is quite confusing!! Of anyone to say the bible is BS,YOU WOULDNT THINK A CHURCH WOULD SAY IT!
  10. intangible child

    Illegal Drugs Bullshit

    YouTube - Illegal Drugs Bullshit
  11. I


  12. T

    Penn & Teller; The Bible is Bullshit

  13. alias

    This Is More Bullshit

    Teaching Johnny About Islam Posted 5/19/2006 Education: In our brave new schools, Johnny can't say the pledge, but he can recite the Quran. Yup, the same court that found the phrase "under God" unconstitutional now endorses Islamic catechism in public school. In a recent federal decision...