1. skews13

    The Suspicious Business Relationship Between Trump And Kennedy's Son

    After President Trump made his first speech to Congress in February 2017, he was filmed exchanging pleasantries with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. “Say hello to your boy — special guy,” Trump told Kennedy, alluding to Kennedy’s son, Justin. But the Trump family’s relationship...
  2. skews13

    Comey Was Using Personal Email Account For Official Business Investigating Clinton

    Hillary Clinton slammed former FBI director James Comey — who investigated her use of a private email server on government business — for using a personal email to conduct FBI business. Comey used personal email for government business “But my emails,” Clinton tweeted — playing off the “but...
  3. R

    Goldman Sachs says curing disease is bad for business!

    First, after reading endless drivel about the evils of communism and socialism posted in one thread after another in the Political Ideologies Forums, I want to ask why nobody has thought of setting up a Capitalist forum so that us critics of capitalism can do some analysis of the system...
  4. Sabcat

    This NH Business Won't Serve Republicans

    This NH Business Won't Serve Republicans
  5. RNG

    The business oriented Republican President

    So many wanted a businessman as president. Well, you got him. Especially a businessman like the Republican President is only interested in personal and corporate (his corporation) profit. And if he has to screw some laborers, contractors, suppliers and citizen that elected him, well, that's...
  6. RNG

    Trump wants business to take over space station ...

    The death of scientific/technological leadership occurring before our eyes. Trump wants business to take over space station from NASA by 2025 - Business - CBC News
  7. RNG

    Reducing regulations that strangle business

    but protect people's health is OK according to the Republican President. Is that $1000 some workers at a few companies are getting going to pay for the funerals? There is more to the story but the WSJ is now a pay site and that's all that peeks above its paywall...
  8. L

    Small business confidence at a record high.

    Small business is the engine that runs the US economy, so this is great news. Finally having someone who understands the economy in the White House is paying dividends. NFIB small business optimism hits record level in 2017 - Business Insider
  9. RNG

    axpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

    Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits This has to be torches and pitchforks time again. How does the Republican President get away with this shit? It must be that the rest of the Republicans, who control both houses are just as complicit...
  10. skews13

    Jared Kushner Discovered Using Private Email For White House Business

    The senior adviser set up the account after the election. Other West Wing officials have also used private email accounts for official business. Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponded with other administration officials about White House matters through a...
  11. Quigley

    China’s Top Bank Orders Others To Cut Business Ties With North Korea

    China’s central bank has reportedly ordered the country’s other banks to stop conducting business with North Korea. The People’s Bank of China has instructed banks to fully implement United Nations sanctions, four sources familiar with the situation told Reuters. The United Nations...
  12. goober

    Trump disbands business councils

    Before everyone quits. After a wave of resignations, the president disbanded two business council's before all the members could quit.
  13. RNG

    tRump business friendly?

    This guy who is going to strengthen the American economy seems to be pretty good at finding friends, but mostly enemies. Great support of free enterprise there lil' prezzy:
  14. titan

    "Political Correctness" is good for business

    Candidate and eventual Republican party presidential nominee Donald Trump campaigned for the U.S. presidency in part on being a businessman that knew how to "make America great again". In these fora Republicans often criticize political correctness (aka "PC") as "liberal". BUT !! And...
  15. skews13

    The GOP Effort To Kill Obamacare Is Personal, Not Business

    Donald Trump and his cohorts of the GOP are malevolently complicit in a political assassination attempt, that leaves American citizens as collateral damage. Republicans have engaged in a universal effort to erase the legacy of Barrack Obama and will stop at no cost including the lives of the...
  16. T

    Trump's Business Almost Gone

    This story was co-published with WNYC. At a press conference before he took office, then-President-elect Donald Trump said he had signed paperwork “turning over complete and total control” of his business empire to his sons. His lawyer said the more than 400 businesses would be placed in a...
  17. U

    Business controversy

    Trump has everyone engaged in the business controversy, all have different views, regulations, lower business taxes, tariff's on US companies shipping back into the USA......just a whole mess of things. Could be when they get all their heads together the American worker will...
  18. skews13

    Electoral College Must Reject Trump Unless He Sells His Business Say Ethics Lawyers

    Members of the Electoral College should not make Donald Trump the next president unless he sells his companies and puts the proceeds in a blind trust, according to the top ethics lawyers for the last two presidents. Richard Painter, Chief Ethics Counsel for George W. Bush, and Norman Eisen...
  19. GhostRider

    Trump does business with Iranian bank Another anti American act by the liar Trump.
  20. GhostRider

    Trump does business with Cuba during U.S. Embargo

    On The View, Trump Campaign Manager Does Not Deny Newsweek Report That Trump Hotels Violated Cuban Embargo The American traitor Trump tries to do business with Cuba during U.S. embargo in 1998, as much as the right wing hates Cuba and Castro, why do they give the lying Trump a pass on this...