1. P

    Ukrainian opposition will nominate a single presidential candidate

    The period leading up to the official launch of Ukrainian presidential election campaign is a busy season for both the authorities and the opposition. Just before the elections, which are scheduled for March 2019, oppositional political parties are traditionally negotiating opportunities for...
  2. Clicker II

    New poll Dems don't want a retread candidate.

    Is this gonna be sufficient to put the last nail in HRCs political coffin? 73% of Democrats Want ?A Fresh Face? As 2020 Nominee - Rasmussen Reports®
  3. TNVolunteer73

    Democrat party to candidate Get out you are too brown to win.

    Omar Siddicqui was told by the CA Democrat Party "you are too brown to win so get out of the race."
  4. tristanrobin

    Arkansas Libertarian Candidate's Platform Isn't What I Though Libertarians Stood For

    Libertarian Candidate Says ‘Fags Are Disgusting’ and Created HIV – Then Calls It ‘Satire’ but Stands by His ‘Facts’ "Symbols of Christian heritage should not be removed from public and government spaces." "Government programs encourage people to become dependent and lazy, rather than...
  5. Sabcat

    Virginia Dem Congressional Candidate Under Investigation for Destroying AR-15

    Virginia Dem Congressional Candidate Under Investigation for Destroying AR-15 Matt Christianson does a good video on this subject
  6. R

    Now Russia Gets Its Own Bernie Sanders/Jeremy Corbyn candidate

    While the CIA and other US agencies were busy the last few years trying to promote a piece of crap CIA puppet candidate- Alexander Navalny as the opposition to Putin, a real opposition candidate emerged a couple of weeks ago at the national Communist Party Convention. The candidate- Pavel...
  7. G

    Who will be the Dem candidate in

  8. U

    your candidate

    your candidate for president did not lie.........hhhmmmmm........rofl:lol:
  9. tristanrobin

    Candidate for Homeland Security Senior Position...

    Candidate for Homeland Security Senior Position Withdraws Over Trump's Transgender Military Ban A former executive director of the Delaware Republican party has notified the Dept. of Homeland Security that he is withdrawing his name from consideration for a senior position in direct response...
  10. J

    Montana special election candidate: “Nancy Pelosi in a cowboy hat.”

    SEE: Montana Special Election Candidate Calls Out Democratic Opponent As Nancy Pelosi in Disguise ” Gianforte contrasted himself with his Democratic opponent Rob Quist in a Fox News interview Monday, casting his opponent as too extreme. Quist, he said, is so soft on illegal immigration that...
  11. excalibur

    Candidate Obama and the 'Logan Act'

    So the 'Logan Act', suddenly in the news. LOL On the books since 1799, no prosecutions. And candidate Øbama, did this in 2008. Was the MSM, and the Progosphere© in a tizzy then? Obama Going Abroad With World Watching 
  12. excalibur

    DNC Candidate Perez Admits Dem Primaries Rigged

    DNC Chair Candidate Tom Perez Admits Democratic Primaries Were Rigged | Observer 
  13. G

    Have you ever seen a candidate bring

    so much garbage into a run for President, as Hillary has? At 9 days until election day and all through the last few months, she has been under investigations that could lead to and indictment against her. She is considered very un trustworthy, considered having corrupt associations, has been...
  14. coke

    Even if inflated a tad, new numbers underscore that the candidate will go forth where

    New Poll of 15 Swing States Shows Gary Johnson Beating the Spread in 13; Double Digits in 7 - Hit & Run :
  15. K

    New Quiz of presential candidate

    Mcmillan or Cruz.
  16. Sabcat

    Hillary Clinton is Wall Street’s preferred candidate

    Hillary Clinton is Wall Street’s preferred candidate: Financial execs pouring millions into her campaign to defeat Trump Hillary Clinton is Wall Street?s preferred candidate: Financial execs pouring millions into her campaign to defeat Trump -
  17. imaginethat

    Anti-Trump conservatives recruit candidate for WH bid

    It could be a gift to Hillary. Evan McMullin runs for White House to take on Trump -
  18. RNG

    Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention

    Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours - NBC News 1) Trump starts towing the line and reading the teleprompter thus making himself look weak and managed (low probability) or: 2) He carries on being Trump and more of the GOP desert him (higher probability).
  19. GhostRider

    Hillary Clinton, most truthful candidate

    </title> <link rel="profile" href="" /> <link rel="pingback" href="" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href=" Anyone with half a brain already knows this...
  20. R

    I don't like EITHER candidate

    I have a liberal friend who just told me that. He doesn't trust Hillary (but won't give any reason) and he spouts all the usual left wing rhetoric about Trump. And because I'm not a mean-spirited individual in person, I didn't tell him that I understood he was full of shit and was going to...