1. imaginethat

    Meet Lebanon's cannabis farmers joining the fight against IS

    Lebanese blond and red hash was the best, imo, back in The Day. Meet Lebanon's cannabis farmers joining the fight against IS | SBS News
  2. Z

    Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine Pretty Crazy Stuff!! After watching the video, check this out -
  3. intangible child

    Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer

    The medical science is strongly in favor of THC laden hemp oil as a primary cancer therapy, not just in a supportive role to control the side effects of chemotherapy. The International Medical Verities Association is putting hemp oil on its cancer protocol. It is a prioritized protocol list...
  4. intangible child

    Cannabis is a First-Line Treatment for Childhood Mental Disorders

    Even doctors associated with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians have been reluctant to approve cannabis use by patients under 16 years of age, and have done so only in cases in which prescribable pharmaceuticals had been tried unsuccessfully. The case of Alex P. suggests that the practice of...
  5. imaginethat

    Crack down on cannabis, UN tells U.S.

    Are y'all with us, or with the UN? Crack down on cannabis, world body tells U.S. | Reuters
  6. D

    Cannabis and fed's

    What are the out comes if the Federal court files an injunction on CO. & WA. ? Long version pls
  7. imaginethat

    Feds’ Cannabis "crackdown"

    I admit, many other issues could bring to focus the dynamic balance between states' rights and federal rights. But, this is one, and it's not inconsequential. The most solid argument against federal drug prohibitions is the 18th Amendment, giving the feds the right to criminalize a drug...
  8. rumpelstiltskin

    Cannabis Rx: Cutting Through the Misinformation

    If an American doctor of the late 19th century stepped into a time warp and emerged in 2010, he would be shocked by the multitude of pharmaceuticals that today's physicians use. But as he pondered this array (and wondered, as I do, whether most are really necessary), he would soon notice an...
  9. intangible child

    Cannabis shows promise as treatment for swine flu

    Cannabis shows promise as treatment for swine flu
  10. intangible child

    A Presidential thought on Cannabis!

    "Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica." - Abraham Lincoln (from a letter written by Lincoln during his presidency to the head of the Hohner Harmonica Company in Germany) "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth...
  11. hevusa

    Ancient cannabis stash unearthed in China

    Ancient cannabis stash unearthed in China - An ancient race that lived 2,700 years ago in the Gobi Desert may have been among the first to use cannabis for medical or religious purposes...
  12. Wisdom_Seeker

    Cannabis is for the Healing of the Nations!

    "And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month; and the...
  13. caffeinebuzzchick

    Cannabis club raids

    Interesting article in LA Weekly regarding recent raids on cannabis clubs in West Hollywood. LA Weekly - Smoked Out This caught my eye: "Marijuana is a Schedule I [drug], which means it is highly addictive and has no medical use, which is absurd. Methamphetamine is considered a Schedule II...