1. RNG

    Tucker Carlson turns on the Republican President

    From a Fox News program, of which there is a video in the link: Good for him.
  2. Clara007

    Why Tucker Carlson is Finally Blasting Trump

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson has done a whole lot of devilish work to defend President Trump. As this blog has noticed, the nimble TV debater has used his highly watched program to belittle a whole range of Trump critics, all the while protesting that he was not defending Trump and his minions...
  3. RNG

    Tucker Carlson replaces Big Bad Bill

    Seems he's lost his bowtie. Anyone watch? ?A one man gas chamber?: Here?s why neo-Nazis love Bill O?Reilly?s replacement ? Tucker Carlson
  4. Medicine Man

    Tucker Carlson; Victim Of Gray-Matter Evaporation??

    If this clown is ever fired, by Faux Noise, he's got NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!! (....Not that that's a bad thing.)
  5. Medicine Man


    I would PAY to see the two-of-them take a good, ol' fashioned ass-kickin'!!! It'd be nice to make it a fair-fight, though. . . . . .