1. Clicker II

    The case for banning everything

    Put it all together and it spells liberalism at its finest.
  2. RNG

    Mueller seeks immunity for 5 witnesses in Manafort case

    So things keep getting better or worse, depending on your hopes and desires. I suspect this is the prelude to many more cans of worms being opened.
  3. S

    Judge blasts special counsel Robert Mueller's criminal case against Paul Manafort

    Judge blasts special counsel Robert Mueller's criminal case against Paul Manafort
  4. RNG

    Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire

    This is really disgusting. I'm just pulling a few bits but read the whole thing. Drain that swamp! Read it and weep.
  5. tristanrobin

    Judge Finalizes $25 Million Settlement in Trump’s Fraud Case

    It took a while, but the Trump University fraud case officially reached its end last week. The political fallout, however, hasn’t quite run its course. USA Today reported the other day on the end of the settlement agreement. A federal judge finalized the $25 million settlement between...
  6. N

    Case evaluation by Ben Shapiro

    Link to YouTube video:
  7. Sabcat

    YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court

    YouTuber 'Count Dankula' Found Guilty in 'Sh*tposting' Case by British Court Holy shit!!
  8. skews13

    SCOTUS On Tuesday Declines To Hear Case On 10 Day Waiting Period Challenge

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to hear a challenge to a California law that requires there be a 10-day waiting period after all gun sales, even if the person is already a registered gun owner. California’s "cooling off period" is the second longest in the country, according to court...
  9. Clara007

    The Case Against Donald J. Trump

    A New York Times columnist has neatly laid out an impeachment case against Donald Trump. The first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon argued that he had “prevented, obstructed and impeded the administration of justice.” One of the two impeachment articles that the House passed...
  10. L

    Irregularities found in FBI's handling of Hillary email case.

    It's only a matter of time before Comey's shenanigans are exposed. Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBI's handling of Clinton email case | TheHill
  11. Panther

    A conservative case against Roy Moore

    Roy Moore's Election: The Conservative Case Against Him | National Review There is no good reason for a faithful conservative to support this man. Partisan politics does strange things to human minds. I continue to see Twitter, Facebook, and my email inbox light up with the most bizarre...
  12. tristanrobin

    The Supreme Court wedding cake case isn’t about cake at all

    The Supreme Court Wedding CakeCase Isn’t About Cake At All When this story first started making the rounds several years ago, I was one of the ones who said that I felt that the baker had the right to refuse the couple - but for purely pragmatic reasons. One, I couldn't figure out why...
  13. T

    SCOTUS refuses to hear 2A case Maybe SCOTUS recognizes that certain weapons can be regulated via the state as the 1689 EBoR states: "That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their...
  14. Kelvin

    The Trump Collusion Case Is Not Getting the Clinton Emails Treatment

    The Trump Collusion Case Is Not Getting the Clinton Emails Treatment Read the entire article, then reread it till it sinks in how the Hilary investigation was fixed from day one. The swamp at work. You are either for the swamp, or you are against it. Mueller's Paul Manafort Investigation...
  15. C

    The Strange, Mysterious Case of the Carterpagealpha ...

    Yes, it's the Carterpagealpha! Can you stand it?! ... Day 296 of the Trump Dig ...
  16. handydude

    The Case For Eugenics.

    Here is the main thing. It isn't the journey that matters. It is the destination. Because if the journey leads to a fatal dead end, then there should be no such journey. That destination needs to be avoided. My first point is only a theory. First, there isn't a negro populated and run...
  17. tristanrobin

    Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case

    Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case In one cutting remark, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg summed up how Justice Neil Gorsuch’s patronizing lecture on the Constitution omitted some of the Court’s most important precedents. Toward the end of the Supreme Court’s argument in Gill v...
  18. Camelot

    Mueller Building Solid Obstruction Case

    The Orange Jackass and his minions tried everything to stop the investigation. Now emails and other documents are beginning to fill in the gaps for Mueller.
  19. imaginethat

    Another case of hacking??

    Beautiful day in the Rockies today, I went sailing with my sailing partner. Now maybe I just don't get around enough, but I'd never heard this. We were talking about navigating new waters, and the GPS equipment that can take out a lot of the mystery.n Subscription services wth constant...
  20. T

    SCOTUS Reviews the Trump Travel Ban Case

    The Supreme Court announced today that it plans to review the case over President Trump's travel ban. The announcement came today, on the final day of the court's term. The court will take up the case in October. Trump's executive order, titled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist...