1. Clara007

    CBD Cannabis Oil

    Does anyone know anything about this?? There was an ad on Facebook, but it was more of a bait and switch. So, I read about it online but am wondering if this is safe? Anyone tried it? If so, in gel tabs or oil? Just curious. Clinically validated Cannabis Supplement hits the U.S.A...
  2. Sabcat

    More Fake News: DEA Makes CBD Extracts Schedule I

    DEA Makes CBD Extracts Schedule I ? Oregon Cannabis Connection
  3. intangible child

    CBD Treats Psychosis With Fewer Side Effects, New Study Finds

    According to a review published in the November issue of the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, non-psychotropic cannabinoid Cananbidiol (CBD) alleviates psychotic symptoms has high potential as an alternative treatment for psychosis. Based on the preclinical and clinical data on the use of CBD as...