1. tristanrobin

    A Clear Division Between Left and Right Wing Thinking

    I believe this piece by Tillerson is an excellent example of the difference between the thinking of the Left Leaning and Right Leaning people in America. The Left Leaning people see the world in shades of this point of view; the Right Leaning people don't see these things as particularly...
  2. Lyzza

    New Orleans 'Anti-Trafficking' Initiative Is a Clear Move to Criminalize Strip Clubs

    Because some geniuses here dont know the difference between consensual sex workers and those caught in human trafficking, maybe (MAYBE) reading this will shed some light on it...... Not holding my breathe, but worth a shot...
  3. G

    Here is something from Real Clear....

    Politics, media will not show...nor invite the man to be a guest on showsl "PETE HEGSETH, FOX & FRIENDS HOST: What do you make of the way Democrats have postured on this? Talking about DREAMers, saying they are their advocates but ultimately tying it to budget gimmicks and floor speeches...
  4. skews13

    Intent To Obstruct Justice Becomes Clear

    Wheres My Roy Cohn? WASHINGTON — President Trump gave firm instructions in March to the White House’s top lawyer: stop the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, from recusing himself in the Justice Department’s investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s associates had helped a Russian campaign to...
  5. S

    President Trump's clear public message

    President Trump's clear public message at the APEC CEO Summit
  6. G

    Real Clear Politics show it's

    combined polls have a virtual tie between Hillary and Trump. I find it odd that the LA Times has consistently had Trump leading, by a large number. The home of Hollywood liberals ????
  7. G

    Just checked the Real Clear Politics polls

    Today..RCP has 4 polls and the average of those 4 is...Trump 4, Hillary 2. Odd as we keep hearing how Hillary is 6 pts ahead.
  8. GhostRider

    Trump, a clear and present DANGER to America This is a must read for all righties, the low educated and...
  9. Boo

    ‘Absurd’ to think current data shows clear link between CTE, football

    BOCA RATON, Fla.—Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday he does not believe there is a firmly established link between football and degenerative brain disease. “We want to continue to be safer and want to continue to support any type of research that would let us know what [the]...
  10. Octoldit

    Trump makes it clear the need for true journalism

    True Journalism in the main stream media is non-existent period. Lying, mind control, and opinion making is what they do. It's a hidden agenda to every story they report. Objectivity is something our state media is incapable of ever attaining. The most dangerous part is that most American...
  11. imaginethat

    It's Increasingly Clear Facts Don't Matter in the Republican Presidential Primary

    The US needs two political parties ... at least. The GOP is going kamikaze, going the way of a suicide bomber, self-destructing, losing all touch with reality and proud of it.
  12. LongWinded

    Dick Cheney For POTUS; It’s Kristol Clear

    Dick Cheney For POTUS; It?s Kristol Clear | The Smirking Chimp OMG....Cheney, the ULTIMATE Welfare recipient.
  13. dusty

    It's clear to me now: Islam is the antichrist

    the isis has proved by muslems here in the west joining the isis by the thousands.. 500K....and home grown terrorist also joining. way back in 2002 a islam chief says its ok to lie to americans. the anti Christ is here.
  14. Panther

    Going Clear

    Don't know if it has been asked yet, but did anyone else watch the documentary special on HBO the other night and if so.... what were your thoughts on it?
  15. K

    Holder and DOJ clear officer wilson of all charges!

    ha! take that race baiters! mr. holder surprisingly has found that officer Wilson was attacked by brown, he was justified in shooting him. he has determined that most of the witnesses lied, that brown's hand's were not up when he was shot and that he was charging at Wilson. Wilson will not be...
  16. Roo

    Justice Dept. Moving to Clear Ferguson Officer of Civil Rights Charges

    The Justice Department has begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., who killed an unarmed black teenager in August, law enforcement officials said. That would close the politically charged case in the shooting death of...
  17. skews13

    Americans Are Clear, Obamacare Isn't Liberal Enough

    Americans are Clear: Obamacare Just Isn't Liberal Enough - The Daily Beast There isn't a majority that opposes the Affordable Care Act because it's too liberal, in fact, a good number of Americans don't think it's liberal enough. Today’s CNN poll (PDF) on the Affordable Care Act seems like...
  18. intangible child

    Clear majority favors legal marijuana, new Gallup poll shows

    For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Americans who believe marijuana should remain illegal are now in the minority, according to new poll numbers released Tuesday. For the first time ever in a Gallup poll, a clear majority of the country – 58 percent – say that pot should...
  19. skews13

    Ding Ding Ding $60 Million Loss For Rush Limbaugh Clear Channel Radio

    Daily Kos: DING DING DING - Wall Street Bell Rings A $60 Million Loss For Rush Limbaugh & Clear Channel Execs Clear Channel, the parent company of nationally boycotted radio host, Rush Limbaugh, is feeling the Bain – I mean the pain. Yesterday after the stock market closed, the media giant...
  20. skews13

    How Clear Channel Helped Keep The Romney Campaign Alive While Being Gutted By Bain There is no end to the damage Bain Capital’s tactics are wreaking on America and its workforce, and there is an opportunity for Clear Channel to exact some revenge for being burdened with debt by changing...