1. skews13

    Pay To Play Gets Security Clearance

    Uncertainty? Ended. Clearly there is no further concern. No concern that Kushner might be called on to answer for negotiating with Qatar for a $500 million loan before Kushner joined Donald Trump on a trip to the Middle East, or getting more than $1 billion after that trip led to a blockade...
  2. Clara007

    Kushner Loses Top Security Clearance

    OH DEAR--downgraded. Must be rough on Golden Boy. :sad: Jared Kushner, who has worn dueling hats for more than a year as President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, has been stripped of his access to the nation's top secrets, officials said Tuesday after his security clearance...
  3. skews13

    Kelly Commits Crime Over Porter Security Clearance

    After it was reported that Trump chief of staff John Kelly let Rob Porter continue to handle classified information after his security clearance expired, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) noted that Kelly committed a crime and must resign if the report is accurate. John Kelly Committed A Crime By Letting...
  4. T

    Jared Kushner's Security Clearance Review

    The House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat called for a review of Jared Kushner's security clearance over questions of whether he was truthful about his contacts with Russia. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, spoke to ABC News' Martha Raddatz in an exclusive interview on "This Week" Sunday...
  5. GhostRider

    Spice blames Obama admin. for Flynn's security clearance.

    Spicer blames Obama admin. for Flynn's security clearance. Spicer blames Obama for Flynn?s security clearance | TheHill No president whether it be Republican or Democrat has any input into investigating someone for a security clearance. Flynn, having been in the military most or all of his...
  6. GhostRider

    Kushner lied on his application for a security clearance.

    Congress Just Took Action That May Land Kushner In Prison One doesn't "forget" he met with Russians when applying for a security clearance. The application does not allow you to forget, it asks everything about you, your past employers, your neighbors, your club or organization affiliations...
  7. GhostRider

    Kurshner lies on his Top Secret clearance request firm.

    BREAKING: Trump?s Son-In-Law Lied On His Top-Secret Clearance Form, Hit With FBI Investigation One doesn't "forget" about meetings with members from an adversary government like Russia. This is just more stink from the trump swamp of lies and corruption.
  8. skews13

    Senators Call For Review If Mike Flynn Should Be Given Security Clearance

    Flynn’s cavalier treatment of classified information didn’t stop when he left his post in the military. In fact, it hasn’t stopped now. Flynn continued to run a company that was lobbying on behalf of foreign clients, even as he received classified intelligence briefings during the...
  9. skews13

    Trump Asks For Highest Top Secret Clearance For Three Of His Children

    One week you are selling overpriced high-heeled shoes, the next you are reading top secret military briefings? Nah. Trump has asked for three of his children to be given highest level, top secret security clearance
  10. excalibur

    Comey: Clinton showed classified intel to people with no security clearance

    Gross negligence, malfeasance all around. Comey: Clinton showed classified intel to people with no security clearance | Washington Examiner 
  11. excalibur

    ISIS Fighter Had Security Clearance At Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

    ISIS terrorist from Minnesota worked at major American airport: report - NY Daily News 