1. RNG

    Climate geo-engineering

    I keep hearing and reading serious discussions by scientists about geo-engineering to try to mitigate or stop warming. I have always been very skeptical about it. Now Jonathan Proctor, an agricultural economist at UC Berkeley has expressed it far more succinctly and eloquently than I ever...
  2. tristanrobin

    Most Important Article I've Read About the Current Political Climate in U.S.A.

    There is no question - this article absolutely tell the truth. We can all decide which side we're on - and whether or not it's where we want to be. But this is definitely how history has repeatedly played out - and the way it's playing out right now in America. Trial Runs for Facism Are in...
  3. B

    Judge throws out SF and Oakland climate suits against big oil

    A federal judge Monday tossed out two groundbreaking lawsuits by San Francisco and Oakland that sought to hold some of the world’s largest oil companies liable for climate change. In an exhaustive, 16-page ruling that touched on such scientific matters as the ice age and early observations of...
  4. Sabcat

    Justin Trudeau’s Two-Faced Climate Game
  5. RNG

    Pentagon revised Obama-era report to remove risks from climate change

    And the fun never ends with the current Republican President...
  6. tristanrobin

    Climate Denier to Head NASA Now - No, It's Not From The Onion

    Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier To Lead NASA WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday narrowly confirmed Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), a former Navy pilot with no scientific credentials and who doesn’t believe humans are primarily to blame for the global climate crisis, to lead NASA...
  7. imaginethat

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt suggests climate change could benefit humans

    The fox is guarding the henhouse.... Welcome to the Twilight Zone, courtesy of Trump and his science-be-damned Wonderful World of Alternative Facts. Mr. Pruitt EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt suggests climate change could benefit humans Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott...
  8. Neil

    Climate alarmists are making "arbitrary" adjustments to sea level data

    Is this climategate 2? 'Arbitrary' adjustments exaggerate sea level rise, study finds | Fox News Climate change activists 'exaggerate sea level rise' | Daily Mail Online Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise More Global Warming Fraud: This Time, It?s Sea Level | Power...
  9. R

    The Real Longterm Climate Threat

    About a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago, I stumbled across a story from a small, climate and environment blogger and I can't even track back to the original source because it's been so poorly covered, the new study doesn't show up in searches I've made. Regardless, it was about a research...
  10. Hashtag

    20 New Science Papers Find Climate is Driven by Solar Changes

    20 New Science Papers Find Climate is Driven by Solar Changes 20 New Science Papers Find Climate is Driven by Solar Changes | Principia Scientific International
  11. Hashtag

    Canada now investigates 'climate denial'

    Either join the cult, shut up, or we will get you. Canada now investigates 'climate denial' | GOLDSTEIN | Columnists | Opinion | To
  12. tristanrobin

    Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers

    A new paper finds common errors among the 3% of climate papers that reject the global warming consensus Those who reject the 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming often invoke Galileo as an example of when the scientific minority overturned the majority view. In reality...
  13. imaginethat

    Trump picks a climate change denier to head NASA

    Classic! After a devastating hurricane, Trump still picks a climate change denier to head NASA Dear Donald, Hurricane Harvey could be your defining moment; the moment that changes your presidency from the chaotic mess of threats, bitterness and bilious paranoia to one of rationality and...
  14. goober

    New Government Report on Climate Change

    The report, prepared by actual scientists, finds that climate change is already having a profound effect on the US. Many wonder if the Trump Administration will suppress the report...
  15. RNG

    Trump administration plans to challenge climate science

    I'm amazed this wasn't already posted. Particularly disturbing to me is the terminology they have chosen to use, specifically "debates between scientists on climate research, known as red-team, blue-team exercises" I'm sure it is totally a coincidence that red and blue are the colors of the...
  16. Sabcat

    Michael Malice on climate change

    This was probably one of the best Joe Rogans that I have heard in some time. This Michael Malice is a smart guy. Worth listening to. About min 52-55 he sums up the climate change debate nicely. I think that's where I linked it at
  17. intangible child

    Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level

    Scientists warn increasingly rapid melting could trigger polar ‘tipping points’ with catastrophic consequences felt as far away as the Indian Ocean
  18. T

    EPA Administrator Not Saying that Trump believes that the Climate Change is a Hoax, Defends Paris Ex

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt still won't answer whether President Trump believes climate change is a hoax, saying the question is a distraction from the issue of whether the Paris Climate Agreement was a good deal for the U.S. "Why can't the president just say whether or not he believes in...
  19. T

    Trump announces withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

    Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, two senior US officials familiar with his plans told CNN Wednesday. The administration's decision comes after months of internal debate and speculation about what Trump, who campaigned on leaving...
  20. eldorado67

    Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy

    Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy See: Opinion Journal: How Government Twists Climate Statistics