1. foundit66

    Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting Color me unsurprised. The truth is that the way Trump is, if people were going behind his back to talk to the Russians, he would be looking to axe heads. He's done this repeatedly for...
  2. imaginethat

    The Cohen Tape Further Proves Trump's Life Has Been Defined by Deceit and Corruption

    The thing is, it's not "the Cohen tape," there are at least 12 and Raw Story reports 100 tapes. cohen ought to get a polonium detector and for sure stay off of private planes.
  3. Neil

    Rep. Steve Cohen mocks Purple Heart award

    Steve Cohen, a Democrat member of the US House of Representatives from Tennessee, makes a complete mockery of the Purple Heart award and Purple Heart recipients (essentially, for not having a clue or not caring what it symbolizes/represents):
  4. RNG

    Cohen says family, not Trump is top priority

    It looks like Cohen is warning the White House that he isn't going to be a punching bag. This was hot on twitter this morning and is now hitting the news. The interview continues at:
  5. goober

    Michael Cohen flips

    ABC and others reporting that Cohen is separating himself from his lawyers, in preparation for negotiating a deal with Mueller.
  6. Clara007

    Cohen and the Russians

    A Russian oligarch who was questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller and recently sanctioned by the US visited President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen in Trump Tower during the presidential transition in January 2017, according to video reviewed by CNN and a person familiar...
  7. Clara007

    Cohen's Missing Files

    Last week, several news outlets obtained financial records showing that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, had used a shell company to receive payments from various firms with business before the Trump Administration. In the days since, there has been much speculation about who...
  8. RNG

    Cohen is a way bigger money man than previously known

    A new investigative report by the NYT reports that based on data supplied by Stormy Daniels' attorney and subsequently verified by the NYT, Cohen was the conduit for well over a million dollars from a variety of sources. Some, like IT&T have offered explanations that although thin, might be...
  9. RNG

    Giuliani says Trump reimbursed Cohen for Stormy Daniels payment

    Remember this payment to Stormy Daniels that the Republican President first said that he knew nothing about, then said it was just a little thing that Cohen handled all by himself. Well, his new high powered lawyer seems to have a different take on it. Giuliani says Trump paid Cohen back...
  10. RNG

    Trump’s closest tabloid ally goes after Michael Cohen

    It looks like the Republican President has lost another ally.
  11. RNG

    Michael Cohen says he will take Fifth

    But first, a quote from the Republican President: Hmmm ... One pee-pee, two pee-pee, three pee-pee, Republican President.
  12. RNG

    Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire

    This is really disgusting. I'm just pulling a few bits but read the whole thing. Drain that swamp! Read it and weep.
  13. RNG

    The Cohen effect is taking its toll

    The Republican President is really getting on the Cohen case. Obviously from his tweets he is scared. And to quote some famous guy who I can remember a group of English majors having a hell of a fight over who said it first: The only thing they agreed on was that it wasn't Shakespeare...
  14. Camelot

    Cohen Abruptly Drops Dossier Lawsuit

    This is a very bad omen my right wing friends. Cohen files a defamation lawsuit against the author of the Steele Dossier. The feds seize Cohen’s records. Now Cohen abruptly drops his defamation lawsuit. Tick tick tick.......
  15. RNG

    New info from the Cohen hearing

    At the court hearing involving ruling on privilege of data seized from Cohen, a commentator noted that Cohen only has three clients. He remarked that Cohen has more lawyers than he has clients. :lol::lol::lol: Two of the clients were known to be the Republican President and Elliott Broidy...
  16. Camelot

    Cohen In Goodfellas Video Yesterday.

    O.K. Folks, you have to see the public meeting cohen had on the streets of New York City yesterday. Someone put the video to soprano music. I will post who he was meeting with in such a public venue in my next post. HINT: Think Russia. Please go watch this video to see just how nuts cohen really...
  17. Camelot

    Mueller Has Proof Cohen Went To Prague

    It appears the Mueller has confirmed another Steele Dossier item. Specifically, that Cohen went to Prague in the summer of 2016 to meet with Russian intelligence. No, there was no collusion by Pee Pee DuPree and company.
  18. Clara007

    The Cohen Tapes

    What do federal prosecutors LOVE more than LIFE??? TAPES. Taped conversations. So...... President Trump’s personal attorney Michael D. Cohen sometimes taped conversations with associates, according to three people familiar with his practice, and allies of the president are worried that the...
  19. imaginethat

    Kellyanne Conway's husband appears to defend FBI raid of Michael Cohen

    Kellyanne Conway's husband. Just stop and think about that for a minute...................................... Now, say a little prayer of thanks, and continue to the article.
  20. Clara007

    FBI Raids Michael Cohen's Office

    Soo-prise....Soo-prise! The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained the search warrant after...