1. S

    Where are the Republicans going?

    Where are the Republicans going? Republicans believe themselves to be conservatives, but I suppose they'll adopt any political label that would suit their purposes. They are not more or less patriotic than any other USA citizens. They do not represent the majority of USA's population, and...
  2. RNG

    The result of "conservative" policies

    All the "conservatives on this board cheer this amazing businessman. WTF?
  3. tristanrobin

    Conservative blog slams Evangelicals and Trump apologists better than many Liberals h

    Conservative blog slams Evangelicals and Trump apologists better than many Liberals have I read Conservative sites as well as Progressive sites. It is important not to stay in one's silo as self-confirmation is not always objective. A website that is considered a Right Wing bastion blasted...
  4. J

    Daniel Horowitz author at Conservative Review calls for a Convention of States

    . This evening [4/15/18] on Life, Liberty and Levin, Daniel Horowitz, an author at Conservative Review, asserted we need a “Convention of States”. Mr. Levin quickly chimed in, giving his approval. But don’t expect Mr. Horowitz, or Mr. Levin for that matter, to address the many unanswered...
  5. J

    Idaho, a conservative Republican stronghold, rejects a convention of states

    See: House committee defeats resolution calling for constitutional convention Feb 10, 2018 ” BOISE - Idaho will not be joining other states in calling for an Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. Despite heartfelt pleas for faith, inspiration, trust and patriotism...
  6. imaginethat

    Spending like drunken, conservative sailors

    The party of fiscal responsibility. Of family values. Of the Moral Majority. Of conservatism. For a balanced budget.......
  7. skews13

    The Parkland Kids Have Triggered Conservative Snowflakes

    Over the weekend, the March for Our Lives event featured gigantic rallies across the nation, including one in Washington, D.C., that drew several hundred thousand people — depending on estimates, perhaps the largest single rally there in American history. It was an inspiring demonstration of...
  8. U

    A Conservative Energy Reset

    Read more:
  9. skews13

    Hillary Clinton Living Rent Free In Weak Conservative Minds One Year After Election

    Republicans enjoy talking about Clinton more than Democrats do. She’s a topic that sets their viewers in a blind rage, something the network has trained them to do over time, and it’s an easy way to fill up air time to distract from breaking news stories that make Trump look good...
  10. Panther

    A conservative case against Roy Moore

    Roy Moore's Election: The Conservative Case Against Him | National Review There is no good reason for a faithful conservative to support this man. Partisan politics does strange things to human minds. I continue to see Twitter, Facebook, and my email inbox light up with the most bizarre...
  11. Gordy

    Dear “Persecuted” College Conservative: You Are Not Oppressed Thoughts?
  12. tristanrobin

    Conservative Christian Pastor Calls for Executing All Gay People by Christmas Day

    Conservative Christian Pastor Calls for Executing All Gay People by Christmas Day ... to celebrate Christmas Day because this is what Jesus would say. Note this is not being reported in the U.S. This is from a U.K. paper. It sounds like a sermon that would be delivered in Uganda, but...
  13. tristanrobin

    Conservative lawmaker resigns after consensual, 'inappropriate behavior' with a man i

    Conservative lawmaker resigns after consensual, 'inappropriate behavior' with a man in his office By Jen Hayden Thursday Nov 16, 2017 · 12:05 PM EST Republican Ohio state legislator Wes Goodman describes himself on his Twitter bio as "Christian. American. Conservative. Republican." The...
  14. webguy4

    Dangerous, Funny, Likeable Conservative.

    Good stuff
  15. imaginethat

    Is country music "conservative" music?

    I'm asking because two DTT posters have "opined" that the LV shooting was directed at people who like country music, you know, conservatives, rather than liberals who hate country music and who weren't there. Or looking at it from a different angle, why do liberals hate country music?
  16. B

    I ain't new, but this is my first time here.

    I am a Southerner from North Carolina, a conservative, partially disabled veteran and artist. I am interested in other people's opinions, although I can't understand why some people believe the things they do. B)
  17. skews13

    Houston: A Shining Example Of Conservative Deregulation Policy

    The Perils Of Deregulation So, conservative ideas have triumphed in Texas. A business-friendly environment has been created, based on free-market principles, deregulation, and a return to 10th amendment freedoms just as the Founders designed them, because the best government is the one that...
  18. skews13

    This Is Not About Being Liberal Or Conservative. This Is About Being An American

    Nazi assholes, not Americans One of the arguments heard from the right and even from our president is that if antifa, Black Lives Matter, the “alt-left” (which isn’t even a thing), and other left-leaning groups had not shown up to counter-protest Nazis (we repeat, to counter-protest Nazis)...
  19. J

    Useful idiots rally in Boston against “conservative” speech

    See: Boston "free speech" rally ends after counter-protesters take to streets -- live updates Aug 19, 2017 ”BOSTON -- Thousands of demonstrators chanting anti-Nazi slogans converged Saturday on downtown Boston, dwarfing a small group of conservatives who cut short their "free speech...
  20. L

    Conservative or Hillary Clinton starting newbie president 2018's begin ???

    It will be Conservative republican Kasich if republican chooses this or after Supreme Court december 17 first women as president Hilarious Clinton if we goes this way with current president Trump how is possibility when Obama said Russia was hackers 16 and all Europeans wants only Clinton or one...