1. Nwolfe35

    Republican corruption in Virginia

    Republican Representative Scott Taylor faces election in November in a state where the last election saw the state House of Delegates go from a 66-34 GOP majority to a 51-49 majority (and the only thing preventing it from being a 50-50 split was a random draw in a tied vote that resulted in the...
  2. Clicker II

    More BarryO corruption.

    Just a small thing but another indicator of the extent and systemic arrogance of the Obama admin. It appears small enough but wait till you see the extent of it.
  3. B

    More leftist corruption You just can't make this stuff up!:lol:
  4. imaginethat

    The Cohen Tape Further Proves Trump's Life Has Been Defined by Deceit and Corruption

    The thing is, it's not "the Cohen tape," there are at least 12 and Raw Story reports 100 tapes. cohen ought to get a polonium detector and for sure stay off of private planes.
  5. skews13

    The Mind Boggling Corruption Of Trump Inc.

    Another week in the Donald Trump presidency, another handful of days so stuffed full of sordid and highly complicated stories that even journalists have trouble keeping track of what's going on. But the thread tying all the latest news together — from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's sundry...
  6. skews13

    Ivanka Trump: Born To Legitimize Corruption And Make The Shoddy Look Cute

    Oh, Ivanka. Her livelihood is as opaque as her full-coverage foundation, but she plays a critical role in her father's administration — and in the broader danse macabre of corruption and legitimacy. Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute
  7. Camelot

    Kushner Corruption - He Must Resign

    The guy tries to get a loan from Qatar to save his ass on his 666 New York property. Qatar turns him down. Weeks later he endrorses a blockade of Qatar. This guy is so crooked that he must resign. LOCK HIM UP !!!!!! Weeks Before Blockade, Qatar Denied Money to Kushner?s Firm
  8. skews13

    Fusion GPS transcripts reveal the corruption of Trump and the Republican's treachery

    The transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee released to the public by Dianne Feinstein is both the entire congressional investigation in brief, and a revealing insight into why Republicans have been so anxious to keep this information under...
  9. houseknight

    Destruction of the un

    DESTRUCTION OF THE UN It is obvious that the UN has entered into the most dangerous crisis in its history. In November 2017 (exactly 70 years after the 1947 “Partition” resolution), the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution, which requires, among other things, a partition of Jerusalem along...
  10. webguy4

    FBI corruption

    I told ya so
  11. A

    More Roy Moore corruption and scandal uncovered

    It just keeps piling up. Pedophilia, mysogengy, christian-Supremacist craziness, anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional stances, etc., etc.. Now....blatant corruption! Remember all the phony hoopla the rightwingnut propaganda pushers tried to create regarding the Clinton Foundation, which...
  12. Camelot

    Don the Con - Big Coal And Nuclear Corruption

    Oh yes, now the taxpayer is going to be forced to subsidize the failing coal and nuclear industries.
  13. skews13

    Netanyahu's Chief Of Staff Turns States Evidence In Corruption Probe

    Oh, shit. Wow, times are tough for for RWNJ heads of state out there, with Mueller impaneling a grand jury and now… Former Netanyhau Aide Ari Harow Reaches Deal to Become State's Witness “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's former chief of staff Ari Harow has reached an agreement with...
  14. roastpork

    Corruption at the Border

    Say it isn't so! EXCLUSIVE: Officials Defy Trump's Promises: 40 Miles of Border Ordered Unpatrolled
  15. imaginethat

    Corruption protests sweep Russia; opposition leader arrested

    Honestly, I decided not to post this news of Russia-wide demonstrations against the corruption of Russian political and business leaders after I read about it this morning. Besides in Moscow, anti-elite demonstrations were held in around 100 Russian towns and cities from Vladivostok to St...
  16. GhostRider

    Gorsuch typical of right wing corruption.

    BREAKING: Trump?s Supreme Court Pick Refuses to Reveal Source of $10 MILLION "Gift" Gorsuch is a corporate judge bought and paid for by big business.
  17. GhostRider

    Trump corruption "unprecedented "

    This Level of Corruption Is Unprecedented in the Modern History of the Presidency the liar and con man trump's days are numbered, he has made enemies of too many people who have the balls to make a stand against, and expose his lies and corrupt dealings, he should start his short timers...
  18. excalibur

    Admiral, seven others charged with corruption in new ‘Fat Leonard’ indictment

    Admiral, seven others charged with corruption in new ‘Fat Leonard’ indictment 
  19. GhostRider

    More stink bubbling up from the Trump swamp of corruption.

    Two Trump Companies Discovered In Cyprus, EU's Russian Off-Shore Banking Haven | The Huffington Post There is so much toxic stink in the trump cabinet and inner circle you will need to wear a gas mask to get near the White House.
  20. GhostRider

    The Trump swamp of corruption gets deeper.

    Anthem-Cigna Merger: With Ties To Donald Trump, Mike Pence And Jeff Sessions, Insurance Giant Hopes To Revive Blocked Deal Everyday more corruption bubbles up from fuhrer trumps swamp.