1. RNG

    Democrat counter to Nunes memo to be released

    Emails and tweets are jumping out all over about the relevant committee voting unanimously to release the Democrat memo. I'm surprised it was unanimous.
  2. Proud Feminist

    Common sense to counter rape culture

    This is common sense solutions. 1. Identify that the problem is men 2. Identify that a rape culture does exist. 3. Teach boys not to rape. Assume all men are rapists. 4. All males must register their DNA. 5. Require single males to take sex suppressing drugs or chemical castration. Make it as...
  3. skews13

    Violence At White Supremacy Counter Protests Can Have Many Causes

    Donald Trump pretended that there are actually two sides to this fight and talked about how these people represent the alt-left. While that is purely myth and serves as nothing more than a talking point for conservatives to demonize protestors and liberals, it does offer us a chance to...
  4. Toto2

    World powers up for arming Libyan govt to counter ISIS

    Members of the UN Security Council say they’re ready to lift an arms embargo and supply the Libyan government with weapons to combat Islamic State terrorists. US To Send Troops, Weapons To Libya To "Fight ISIS" And just in case the...
  5. LongWinded

    How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies

    How Interfaith Activists Will Counter This Week's Anti-Muslim Rallies Finally, Christians are joining other peaceful religions to counter the hatred from the born again evangelical crowds.
  6. excalibur

    Coup or Counter Coup?

    Is Obama doing a quiet coup? Or was there a coup against Obama in the planning? How many Generals and Admirals have been fired by Obama now? Something is afoot. Two Generals in charge of US nuclear forces dismissed within a week combined with all the others who have been removed. Whatever the...
  7. CNN

    Play the delegate counter game

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  8. OKgrannie

    BC pill over the counter

    Perhaps making BC more accessible to women, also cheaper, would help lower the number of abortions performed. Women may get pill without prescription | UK | Reuters LONDON (Reuters) - Women could be able to get the contraceptive pill from their chemist without a prescription, a health...
  9. W

    Wei Liu: Awakening People 4—To Tell the Truth to Counter the Dictator

    Wei Liu: Awakening People 4—To Tell the Truth to Counter the Dictator September 7, 2007 You may wonder why the dictators in the world can stay in power. Besides their armed forces, they keep using their media to cheat the people. For...
  10. O

    What's Up with Over-the Counter News

    Pfizer is considering an over-the-counter version of Viagra. Reports indicate it may be sold as a mouth spray. GlaxoSmithKline is developing an over-the-counter impotence gel, and a generic knockoff of Viagra is already sold over the counter in China. Viagra is under pressure from Cialis, which...