1. J

    Just another way the right would sell out this country to stay in power. The right cares nothing about our democracy , constitution or this country and you just have to laugh when they suggest they do. They want to get rid of Rosenstien to hide...
  2. reedak

    Chinese tourists can help country win trade war

    1. Dan Kopf is a reporter for Quartz based in San Francisco. He covers economics and markets. Dan has a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. The following are excerpts from Dan Kopf's April 12, 2018 article headlined "If the US wants to reduce its trade deficit, it...
  3. J

    So now the NRA is aligning themselves with this country's enemies

    So to keep their guns they will hold hands with Putin this countries second biggest threat and enemy. Of course the right wing president being the biggest threat. I believe when it all comes out we will see what traitors the right wing is , what traitor their president is and what a traitor the...
  4. U

    This country is eat up with it......

    alethephobia And I do not understand that.....:wacko:
  5. Lechnerer

    Armenia's 'Interim Government' leads the country to geopolitical collapse

    Inability of Armenian opposition to compete legally with the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) in conditions of accumulated problems in social and economic fields, multi-level corruption, the stranglehold of oligarchic monopolies and growing military tension around Nagorno-Karabakh creates a...
  6. tristanrobin

    Ways to Be Proud of Our Country

    As Dear Leader and his accomplices rip the brown babies out of their parents' arms, America puts the kids in dog cages because if we don't, we lose them.
  7. F

    Revisiting Duty, Honor, Country On Memorial Day May 28, 2018 True Diversity in our Military Academies By William F. Marshall During the Obama years talk about closing...
  8. Nwolfe35

    What is hurting this country

    The idea that all opinions are equally valid and that we have to respect all opinions.
  9. J

    The right is organized to destroy this country

    I think everyone knows the list of organizations ,things and people that the right is attacking , all I'm asking you is to put all those listed all together and if they accomplish them all, then tell me what this country will become. They hate our government and want to destroy it, they...
  10. tristanrobin

    Trump's Approval Rating Makes Me Hopeful For Our Country

    Trump's Approval Rating Makes Me Hopeful For Our Country This article by the editor of "Good News Roundup" sums up my feelings right now about the country and it's outlook for the future. Before I get to the good news, I’d like to weigh in on the general panic I saw in left wing circles this...
  11. avlis

    A tribute to Portugal: A country that changed the world

    A tribute to Portugal: A country that changed the world
  12. J

    This is what the right wants for this country

    Literally since the 81 trickle down lie no one except a few at the top got anything other then pennies during the biggest increase of profits in history. How big, corporate profits after taxes was 200 billion in 1980, 2015 they were 1700 billion. 850% increase. Wages maybe 10% increase at the...
  13. skews13

    It's Rudy To The Rescue, But Only For The Good Of The Country

    Noted Cyber Security Expert Rudy Giuliani After a great deal of trying, Donald Trump now has a new lawyer. If you're wondering who would be dumb enough to join the Trump legal team at this late and precarious date, wonder no more: It's Rudy Giuliani. “I’m doing it because I hope we can...
  14. B

    What is this country coming to?

    I suppose this will get me in deep with many, but I also suppose as soon as they can prove that they're DNA changed they can change their Birth certificate. Seriously they were born what they were born...
  15. U

    I am afraid for this country......

    violence and hate everywhere.........Let's pray!!!
  16. skews13

    Country Over Cause

    Pretty Much Says It All The Democratic Party needs to develop a campaign of big ideas and vision of the future. Too long has the ideological high ground been ceded to the right. Too long has the Democratic Party leadership message been mired in minutia of issue policy specifics. The...
  17. skews13

    Hard Times In VHS Country
  18. U

    My wish for this country!!!

    That for one week anyone who told a lie about President Obama could not speak or or hear!!! They could end it anytime....Public apology....national news... Amen...
  19. Clara007

    Jesus From a Shithole Country

    Actually, Jesus was “worse” than that. He came from a shithole town in a shithole country. The modern nation of Israel may have global prominence today, but 1st century Judea and, more specifically, the region of Galilee where Jesus was from, was a Roman backwater, an afterthought in an...
  20. Sabcat

    This is not your country if Trump is not your president

    Very simple concept. Here is a little help for those in question...