1. U

    Give credit where credit is due....

    Rahm Emanuel got something going in Chicago....... This site did not work but the murder rate went down 15% in 2017.........that is a giant step for Chicago.
  2. U

    A way to get 80% of your CC credit, cash

    not just 20%. What you do is get all the cash from the cards as you can, then you use the rest of the card's line of credit to buy gold coins, and sell them. be CAREFUL where you buy and sell, and you'll lose only half as much as the undisciplined dummy will make. The world record for number...
  3. tristanrobin

    All the People Who Gave Trump Credit

    for the rising stock market ... will they blame him now for that the Dow has plunged 1,843 points in two days - the biggest 2-day crash in history? I mean - it's hyuuuuuuge!
  4. Marcus Livius

    President Moon says Trump deserves Credit for Talks between Koreas

    South Korean President shows Trump gratitude: Trump deserves credit for Korea talks, says President Moon - BBC News
  5. skews13

    Trumps 2018 Message: Taking Credit For Obama Economy After Dumping On It For Years

    “The Stock Market is setting record after record and unemployment is at a 17 year low. So many things accomplished by the Trump Administration, perhaps more than any other President in first year. Sadly, will never be reported correctly by the Fake News Media!,” Trump tweeted two days before...
  6. RNG

    Credit Rating of Countries

    Interesting chart.
  7. roastpork

    Credit, just gimme that Card!

    Not a good idea.:mellow: Report: WH Wants to Offer Credit to 'Deadbeats,' Illegal Immigrants
  8. LongWinded

    Harry Reid Laughs Off Mitch McConnell's Attempt To Claim Credit For Recovery

    Harry Reid Laughs Off Mitch McConnell's Attempt To Claim Credit For Recovery The only think McConnell can take credit for is the historical number of filibusters by the Senate.
  9. skews13

    Republicans Control Majority Of States Credit Downgrades To Follow

    And less pay, fewer jobs, less medical care, crumbling infrastructure. Americans are about to get a taste of what GOP governance really feels like—at the state level. Republicans now have record-level control of state legislatures across the nation, which will bring with it a boatload of...
  10. LongWinded

    New Jersey's Credit Rating Has Been Cut 8 Times Since Chris Christie Took Office

    New Jersey's Credit Rating Has Been Cut 8 Times Since Chris Christie Took Office Typical teabagging republican; hasn't a clue about what to do with the economy once he gives corporate welfare a HUGE boost. Add to this his unethical and immoral behavior in office and we have here a candidate...
  11. roastpork

    Illinois Credit rating

    How low can you go.:mellow: Did you know that Illinois' credit rating ranks just above Kazakhstan's? Here's how we rank: Our state boasts the nation's fifth-largest economy, but our long–term debt and irresponsible spending is driving us into the ground. On August 5, 2011, the United...
  12. skews13

    Russian Separatists Stealing Cash, Credit Cards From Victims Bodies
  13. S

    how many credit cards can one person have?

    google says that one guy has over 15,00 of them. :-) At 10k each, that's a lot of money, if he ever needs it. If you are careful, you can hold annual costs per card down to $50. That is VERY cheap emergency funding. If it's TRULY an emergency, why CARE what the interest rate is on it? besides...
  14. roastpork

    State Credit ratings

    Guess which one has the worst. Illinois has lowest credit rating of all 50 states
  15. TNVolunteer73

    US credit downgraded to the level of Brazil's

    US Credit Rating Downgraded to Same Level as Brazil? | The Economic Voice From the TEA Party with love.. WE TOLD YOU SO!
  16. imaginethat

    The 11 Countries That Still Have Perfect Credit

    Damn, all of these are socialist democracies and national healthcare plans. How can that be?? :wacko: Click here to see the countries with perfect credit
  17. Uncle Han

    Liberals Try to Take Credit for Success of Capitalism....

    It's Not Just Failed ObamaCare By Christopher Chantrill ObamaCare rolled out last week in utter chaos. The ruling class conceit that anyone could stitch together a national system of health insurance exchanges went up in a billowing cloud of failure. Who could have seen that coming? So...
  18. E

    Bankruptcy and credit unions

    Credit unions are a lot like banks on the surface, but there are some important distinctions. While they typically offer a much more personal banking experience and more benefits than they typical bank, they are also afforded some special treatment when it comes to bankruptcy cases. If you are...
  19. Brit Dems

    Hong Kong-based credit rating agency launched to challenge 'Big Three'

    You see! We told you. White people in America your days are numbered. Move back to Europe or Russia.
  20. skews13

    Republicans Go Silent After S&P Upgrades Americas Credit Rating

    Republican Deficit Hawks Go Silent After S&P Upgrades America's Credit Outlook Remember back when every conservative ran to their mother hen media outlet, Fox News to attack President Obama and progressives when the United States’ credit rating was downgraded. Well, S & P (Standard...