1. goober

    Dallas City Council votes 13-1 to remove all Confederate monuments

    https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/editorials/2017/09/06/dallas-city-councils-historic-vote-remove-confederate-monuments-can-help-unite-city All Confederate monuments will be removed . All streets, parks, schools named for Confederates, will be renamed. PROGRESS!
  2. tallagator

    Obama's Dallas eulogy speech more left wing B.S.

    Barack Obama?s Dallas Memorial Speech Was Disappointing and Misleading | National Review Yet, another opportunity to disgrace dead LEO's.
  3. tallagator

    Fmr Miss Alabana dallas killer a Martyr.

    First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop-killer a ?martyr? | New York Post What a racist bitch this one is.
  4. Clara007

    Dallas Police Showered with Kindness

    If Dallas can do it.....DTT can do it. Stop the nastiness. Stop the blame game. Try some kindness. Think before you post. To say that Black lives matter is not to say that other lives do not; indeed, it is quite the reverse—it is to recognize that all lives do matter, and to acknowledge...
  5. tallagator

    The truth about the Dallas sniper attack.

    LiveLeak.com - The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack Shocking and predicable.
  6. GhostRider

    Dallas is excellent proof "open carry" is not good.

    Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn?t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse | If You Only News Just as anyone with an ounce of gray matter knows, open carry causes more harm than good.
  7. coke

    Dallas and the rifle

    For all the assault gun banners out there this one is for you! Read more: The Gun Used by the Dallas Police Murderer is Revealed. It?s Not What Most People Thought.
  8. excalibur

    Five Police Dead in Dallas

    4 Police Officers Dead After Shooting in Downtown Dallas | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 
  9. LongWinded

    Dallas Mayor Says He’s More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees

    Dallas Mayor Says He's More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees | ThinkProgress Sanity springing up in Texas. All right Texas.
  10. LongWinded

    What We Can Learn From Dallas' Fight Against School Privatization

    School Privatization An example from an unlikely place shows it's possible to stop public schools from becoming private enterprises. What We Can Learn From Dallas' Fight Against School Privatization | Alternet Corporate control of everything. Not a good idea. For profit education...
  11. LongWinded

    Dallas Cops Killed A Man Within Seconds

    Of Arriving At His Door. They Won’t Face Criminal Charges. Dallas Cops Killed A Man Within Seconds Of Arriving At His Door. They Won't Face Criminal Charges. | ThinkProgress This inhumane, even anti-human behavior is why the police psych needs altered in this nation. Removing it from...
  12. excalibur

    New Ebola Patient Near Dallas?

    Breaking: New Ebola patient near Dallas? Update: Patient says he had contact with ?patient zero'; Update: Patient is ?exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola'; Update: Patient is reportedly being transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dalla 
  13. C

    Dallas parents fearing Ebola remove kids from school

    "This morning, we were made aware that one of our students may have had contact ...' Parents on Wednesday were removing their children from a Dallas school where a student may have had contact with the Ebola patient diagnosed Tuesday. A letter to parents of children at L.L. Hotchkiss...
  14. A

    "Huey P Newton Gun Club" Holds Open-Carry March In South Dallas

    Huey P. Newton Gun Club stages open carry rally through Dallas (VIDEO) A group of some 30 African-American gun rights advocates marched in South Dallas Wednesday evening to promote self-defense and protest police shootings. The newly formed group, calling themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun...
  15. C

    Go Dallas Cowboys!!!!

    I am so happy that NFL football will start soon. Are you?
  16. S

    Gay Couple In Dallas Beaten With Baseball Bats

    Wow - I can't imagine this happening in a place like Texas:
  17. CNN

    Film released of JFK arrival in Dallas

    William Ward Warren was 15 when his dad dropped him off at Dallas Love Field to see President John F. Kennedy arrive in the city, on the same day JFK was assassinated. More...
  18. intangible child

    Dallas Police Fine Spanish Speakers

    "Dallas police wrongly ticketed at least 39 drivers for not speaking English over the last three years... In that case and perhaps the others, officials said, the officer was confused by a pull-down menu on his in-car computer that listed the charge as an option. But the law the computer...
  19. Cubbie

    East Dallas Methodist pastor counters First Baptist sermon with 'Why Gay Is OK' msg

    By ED HOUSEWRIGHT / The Dallas Morning News The pastor of little Grace United Methodist Church took a swipe at big First Baptist Church of Dallas on Sunday with a sermon titled "Why Gay Is OK." The message was delivered as a counterpunch to "Why Gay Is Not OK," a November...
  20. winston53660

    Iraq war vigil Dallas Texas