1. skews13

    How Free Market Policies Worsened The Student Loan Debt Crisis

    For the history. Back in the 1990s, when the Newt Gingrich caucus won back control of the House and Senate from the Democrats, one of the first major policies that they demanded was to undo the ‘93 student loan reform bill, and make the student loan industry into a ‘’free market.’’ What that...
  2. Sabcat

    Women Owe More in Student Debt Than Men. You Can Blame That on the Patriarchy. Goddamn patriarchy
  3. A

    Difference between deficit vs debt

    A democracy where citizens have little understanding of economics is insane. I am very sure very few Americans understand the economics of our nation. Maybe you all can prove me wrong about that, and I would be glad to be wrong. What is your understanding of the difference between deficit...
  4. RNG

    National debt tops $21 T

    Those fiscal conservatives are just rolling along to economic bliss for everyone.
  5. skews13

    GOP Raises National Debt $1Trillion In Less Than 6 Months

    Will increase another $617 Billion this year because of new tax cut legislation alone. As of the latest reporting by the Treasury Department, the US gross national debt rose by $41.5 billion on Thursday, February 22, to a grand total of $20.8 trillion. Here's the thing: On September 7...
  6. RNG

    Debt ceiling increase agreed to

    So this made me wonder. So I asked Mx. Google. And he tells me the debt ceiling was first passed in 1917. Since then it has been increased 102 times. And no, it is not due to inflation: the limit set in 1917, expressed in 2011 dollars it was $192.3 billion. Today it is $14.3 trillion...
  7. RNG

    Perpetual bonds

    Here's a weird but interesting economic entity, perpetual bonds:
  8. Scrollforward

    A 12 year old girl figured it out . DEBT

    This 12 year old girl has solution to eliminate the national debt , amazing to say the least..
  9. Quigley

    Republicans Furious As Trump Sides With Democrats On Short-Term Debt Limit Extension

    It appears President Trump has found a new ally in Congress: the Democrats whose plan - derided earlier by Paul Ryan - to keep any 'fix' for the debt-ceiling, short-term; was approved over the Republicans' howls of objection. As The Hill reports, President Trump agreed with top congressional...
  10. L

    Top Debt across world's

    In March 2017 US Dollar: United States 18,286,510,000,000 31 March 2017[1] United Kingdom 7,499,400,000,000 31 March 2017[2] France 5,250,608,000,000 31 March 2017[3] Germany 5,084,360,000,000 31 March 2017[4] Japan 3,408,980,000,000 31 March 2017[7] Australia 1,563,330,000,000 31 March...
  11. Laframboise Covenant

    Am I directly or indirectly responsible for the national debt?

    Am I directly or indirectly responsible for the national debt? This information is sent so that an exchange through dialogue be made possible. Almost every day, many people keep saying that the system is corrupt, the system needs change, the system, the system and so on. Recently it was...
  12. skews13

    Senate GOP Votes To Increase Debt To $29 Trillion

    Senate Republicans, for whom a $19 trillion debt load was anathema under Obama, nearly unanimously passed this budget resolution authorizing increasing the federal debt to $29 trillion by 2026. The same people that threatened to shut down the government if the debt ceiling was raised over the...
  13. skews13

    Donald And The Debt Ceiling Suckers

    "Reagan," Vice President Dick Cheney said in 2002, "proved deficits don't matter." Unless, Cheney felt no need to mention, the occupant of the Oval Office is a Democrat. After all, Ronald Reagan had tripled the national debt in eight short years and George W. Bush had nearly doubled it again by...
  14. Sabcat

    Here’s how the government is turning the entire United States into a debt prison

    Here?s How the Government Is Turning the Entire United States into a Debt Prison | The Daily Sheeple
  15. GhostRider

    Trump heavily in debt to Russia.

    </title> <link rel="profile" href="" /> <link rel="pingback" href="" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href=" This opens a whole new can of right wing worms.
  16. GhostRider

    National Debt per President

    Who Increased the Debt? :
  17. skews13

    The Untold Story Behind The Saudi's 41 Year US Debt Secret

    It was July 1974. A steady predawn drizzle had given way to overcast skies when William Simon, newly appointed U.S. Treasury secretary, and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, stepped onto an 8 a.m. flight from Andrews Air Force Base. On board, the mood was tense. That year, the oil crisis had hit home...
  18. Sabcat

    Why Not Repudiate the National Debt?

    So what can be done now? The current federal debt is $3.5 trillion. Approximately $1.4 trillion, or 40 percent, is owned by one or another agency of the federal government. It is ridiculous for a citizen to be taxed by one arm of the federal government (the IRS) to pay interest and principal on...
  19. skews13

    Republican Plan To Increase Their $19 Trillion Debt Even More

    A quick reminder of why we are $19 trillion in debt.
  20. Toefoot

    $8,314,529,850,339.07 Debt

    Debt increase or $70,612.91 Per Household. We can keep whistling why we ignore this but it will not go away. I am very interested to hear the opinions of both the left and right side of the isle and our future President whom ever that may be once the promises start flowing to win the...