1. C

    We the People

    Often, videos, especially documentaries explain far better than words. For several decades in Europe and from 2008 onwards in the US, the globalists and the hard left dominated the discourse of how society should be. This 26 minute documentary explores the similar reasons in 2016 behind Britain...
  2. C

    The Cheshire Cat Guide to Voting Stupid

    "The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill. "You feel like sort of stupid, don’t you? Don’t you feel stupid?" - Donald Trump. Why stupid voting produces stupid democracies We separate and divide society constantly; whether...
  3. S

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time.

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time. Many of us are concerned about the huge and growing expenditures for seeking elected offices. I suppose purchasing electronic broadcasting time or space on internet screens is the most expensive single items for national and...
  4. guy39

    Cali Supreme Court: Screw Democracy

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  5. webguy4

    Democracy ?

    Democracy is tyranny.
  6. reedak

    Democracy calls into question after Trump election

    1. According to Roger Scruton, a writer and philosopher: "Democracy is championed as a universal good by the West, but we over-estimate its power to guarantee personal and political freedom." Despite being "the best innovator in the world" as claimed by Peter Kent Navarro, America seems to have...
  7. A

    Why democracy fails

    Democracy fails because we hold a completely false idea of ourselves as intelligent creatures. We have the capability of being intelligent but until recently we did not have enough understanding of how our brains work to manifest the thinking population that a democracy requires. The Trump...
  8. xMathFanx

    Democracy: Pros & Cons

    Democracy: Pros & Cons
  9. tristanrobin

    American democracy is failing. The courts are finally starting to notice.

    American Democracy is Failing. The Courts Are Finally Starting to Notice. here is something profoundly wrong with the United States of America’s system of government. For proof, briefly take stock of the last ten years in American democracy, in which a combination of factors — the...
  10. xMathFanx

    Crisis of Democracy

    Crisis of Democracy The Crisis of Democracy was authored by the Tri-Lateral Commission who were elite liberal intellectual internationals from the US, Europe, and Japan in the early 1970's. In it, they argued that there is an excess of Democracy and need to find ways of pushing back against...
  11. J

    Obama panhandles democracy, a violent mob rule system of government

    See: Obama: Protect Democracy or Risk Following Path of Nazi Germany ”(CHICAGO) — Former President Barack Obama says Americans must be vigilant in their defense of democracy or risk following the path of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.” The truth is, there is no defense of “democracy”, a mob rule...
  12. Clara007

    Is Democracy on Life Support?

    Donald Trump was elected president of the United States a year ago this week. His ascendancy in US politics has made visible a culture of cruelty, a contempt for civic literacy, a corrupt mode of governance and a disdain for informed judgment that has been decades in the making. It also...
  13. Gordy

    Poll: Americans are Losing Pride in US Democracy Thoughts?
  14. Sabcat

    Forget fake news —alt-right memes could do more damage to democracy

  15. RNG

    Beneficent Putin aids democracy in Russia

    Alexei Navalny barred from Russia presidential poll Alexei Navalny is an anti-corruption campaigner who Putin got the courts to convict on an embezzlement charge (for which he got a suspended sentence) so as a convicted felon he is now ineligible to run for the presidency next year. This will...
  16. GhostRider

    How Democracy is being hijacked This is a very interesting read, it should be titled "How the Right Wing is Brainwashed and Controlled"
  17. GhostRider

    Democracy still rules.

    In a victory for Democracy, Arizona's House kills Republican-led anti-protest bill Intelligent Americans came together in Arizona to defeat the bill that would have made it almost impossible to protest this rogue government. We can beat these low life's if we stick together.
  18. U

    democracy 51%

    Invites strong armed mob rule...and the other 49 % suffers.
  19. imaginethat

    Obama slams fake news for eroding democracy

    Facebook is the main news source for nearly 45 percent of Americans?????? People of all political persuasions have become far less interested in accuracy. Nowadays, many look for confirmation of what they already know. Very few are willing to perform due diligence, and thus the market for...
  20. Endtherepublic

    A handy guide to capitalism, socialism and democracy

    A handy guide to capitalism, socialism and democracy ? Communist Party USA