1. skews13

    The McConnell Rule Is Law And Senate Democrats Should Sue To Enforce It

    Whether McConnell likes it or not, the McConnell Rule is law. When McConnell declared in 2016 that Supreme Court nominees are not allowed hearings in an election year, that decree carried legal force - the same legal force as former majority leader Harry Reid's reduction of the threshold to...
  2. webguy4

    Democrats hate America

    32 percent of Democrats are proud of the USA, 74 percent of Republicans
  3. F

    The Movie Democrats Would Stop If They Could

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. —— Lao Tzu One movie countermanding 45 years of Socialism’s lies about abortion ain’t much, but it is a first step that will send Culture of Death baby butchers ‘round the bend: Jon Voight -- Stacey...
  4. webguy4

    Democrats for 2020 President

    They have no bench
  5. RNG

    Top Democrats see danger on sudden party push to abolish ICE

    Again it appears that the Democrats are playing the game poorly. And the Republicans are capitalizing on it. Many Dems have been calling for the abolition of ICE. If you look at detail, something many people never bother to do, what they are saying is that the current force needs massive...
  6. F

    A Lousy Week For Democrats

    Talk about bummers. First President Trump won his travel ban. Today the American people won a big one that could be the start of something big: Supreme Court Deals Big Setback to Labor Unions In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that non-members do not have to pay labor...
  7. F

    Democrats Are More Successful Than The Afrika Korps

    The aftermath of WWII saw Socialists/Communists at home and abroad achieve more success than they ever thought possible prior to 1941. Much of that success began with taking credit for defeating fascism in Nazi Germany. Neither Hollywood’s propaganda machinery, nor anyone else, mentions that...
  8. B

    Schumer and Democrats keeping families apart!

    Shame on Democrats Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Google+ Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on Tuesday dismissed a legislative proposal backed by Republican...
  9. skews13

    Democrats Should Embrace This Economy. After All, It's Obama's Be sure to take note of the links and charts that verify the factual accuracy of the article.
  10. Sabcat

    Democrats Midterm Message

    All of this talk about the dems not having a midterm message must have hit home. Check out the new midterm ad highlighting the new message.
  11. Sabcat

    Democrats Midterm Message

    All of this talk about the dems not having a midterm message must have hit home. Check out the new midterm ad highlighting their new message ://
  12. TNVolunteer73

    Remember that 14 point lead in Congressional polls for Democrats.. gone gone gone The Party of Welfare is crashing and burning.
  13. Sabcat

    Democrats lose ground with millennials
  14. RNG

    What Democrats and Republicans don't get about Robert Mueller

    Here is a great POV of the Mueller investigation.
  15. H

    Should democrats be allowed to use flame throwers And if someone attacks you or a friend of yours with a flamethrower, should you be allowed to protect your friend?
  16. Sabcat

    Democrats urge Facebook and Twitter to probe Russian bots Lol
  17. H

    Proof that democrats love Trumps tax plan

    They are KEEPING their bonuses and raises........................... And a portion of these people who are grateful to Trump for his help in their lives WILL be voting for him in 2020 And Nancy Pelosi will still wear her $5,000.00 shoes he he he
  18. webguy4

    Democrats are the Party of Racism

    Yes, they are.
  19. TNVolunteer73

    Trump plays the democrats for fools again

    1. Trump supports Strange for Senate. 2. Moore wins 3. Democrats start the #metoo campaign to force Moore to drop out of the race 4. 2 very powerful Democrats fall victim to the #metoo movement one in the house and one in the senate. 5. Moore will win. 6. Moore will eventually Resign 7...
  20. skews13

    Democrats Need To Scrap The Left vs Center Argument And Follow The Base

    A common theme on political shows when talking about Democrats is for commentators to ask: Who is the leader of the party? What's plainly obvious now to anyone who is paying attention—as it has been from the moment Donald Trump got elected last year—is that the People are leading...