1. Clicker II

    Dems. propose a really dumb idea.

    They wanna jail people for false election claims? Whoa! Are they butt hurt or what! So let’s get this straight. Democrats have been pushing for criminal-justice reform to keep non-violent criminals out of prison, especially for drug-related crimes for the past few years. Instead, they want to...
  2. Clicker II

    Dems want to apply litmus test to SCOTUS appointees

    Libs want to use anything that even remotely resembles precedent or prior comments to disqualify a candidate. What happens when Republicans ignore the noise and faux fury and simply confirm them
  3. Clicker II

    More missteps from the Dems

    They're upside down as usual.
  4. G

    Dems are openly showing us they have

    changed the DEm party to the Democratic Socialist Party. Notice how many newly nominated , in primaries, that openly say that...Sanders and Ortiz..whatever her name is. Remember how the NAZI party began. After WW1 a small group was organized, mostly in Munich, called the German Workers Party...
  5. Clicker II

    New poll Dems don't want a retread candidate.

    Is this gonna be sufficient to put the last nail in HRCs political coffin? 73% of Democrats Want ?A Fresh Face? As 2020 Nominee - Rasmussen Reports®
  6. Clicker II

    Dems appear on the verge of caving. Dropping like jaws in the DNC war room.
  7. RNG

    Dems crush GOP in party registration

    Some bad news for Dems had been coming from a few polls lately, but here is some really good news. Complete story at:
  8. G

    If the Dems got their way and we

    had open borders, no ICE, no detaining possible of anyone entering, what would this country look like, be like in 12 months?
  9. RNG

    What Dems and GOPers think of each other

    And it's mostly wrong. Some real interesting data there. Dems are pretty close on evangelicals and southerners.
  10. G

    With all lthe screaming Dems are

    doing about immigration/illegal things, what have they presented as legislation to take care of what they complain about? Remember last year there were at least 2 Bills, regarding the things they rant about and they would not support either one. There is legislation this week, in the House...
  11. Lyzza

    A Record Number of Women Have Filed to Run for U.S. House Seats, Most of Them as Dems

    I cant wait........ A Record Number of Women Have Filed to Run for U.S. House Seats, Most of Them as Democrats Hannah Gold Today 12:40am No doubt encouraged by our heinous, misogynist leadership, a record-breaking number of women have filed candidacy papers to run for United States...
  12. G

    How will the Dems attack this;

    The Business Journal "The United States will expel 60 Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Britain. The measures were announced on Monday morning, and follow Britain accusing Vladimir Putin's regime of being behind the attack. The Trump...
  13. G

    Dems are really losing it. Germany,

    Israel and others called Putin, after his election...and...Obama did the same thing in 2012, but the Dems are ranting about this President calling him. None can choose the leaders of other nations...nor should they be able to...and....fact... this country joins others in knowing they have...
  14. G

    Can anyone explain why the Dems are

    so anxious to get John Kelly out of the White House? Any time something negative comes up the first jump they make is to attack him.
  15. G

    The Dems did not win any votes, at the

    SOTU. They would not even stand to thank nor applaud to thank the 12 year old boy, for placing flags on the veteran graves. Hmmm, guess I forgot they have no respect for the flag, so it must have upset them.. who could tell, since they sat all night with scowls and frowns. Today they are...
  16. G

    The Dems keep telling us that we are

    all immigrants. How many of you consider yourself to be an immigrant?
  17. G

    The Dems lost on the tax cuts...we got

    them ...and can see just the start of good things coming from those. They lost by shutting down the government. Things are looking better.
  18. Neil

    'Schumer Shutdown' backfires on Dems - WND

    ?Schumer Shutdown? backfires on Dems
  19. skews13

    Dems Try To Pay Military During #Trumpshutdown Guess Who Said No?

    Trump has been planning and angling for this shutdown since last May, when he tweeted that he wanted a “good shutdown” in a misguided ruse to win more GOP seats. After his latest sabotage of a bipartisan deal, he certainly looks like he got one--and a bigly one at that. The #TrumpShutdown...
  20. G

    Will the Dems shut the government

    funding down tonight? I have to laugh on they things they it will be the Rep's fault...when they all know it takes 60 votes in the Senate to do that and the Rep's can't do that number by themselves. I heard Sanders ranting on and on today about how it was past time to move...