1. skews13

    5 FL Universities Help 20 NRA Radio Stations Deny Gun Control

    If the NRA bought the radio station that your state university broadcasts sports on would the university keep associating with the station, helping it attract advertisers to pay for that anti-gun control messaging? What about the KKK? That’s basically what happened 30 years ago when Reagan...
  2. reedak

    China and Russia deny breaching UN sanctions

    1. American reconnaissance satellites have reportedly spotted Chinese ships suspected of selling oil to North Korean vessels about 30 times since October. China has apparently been secretly selling oil to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions and its own promises to drastically curb trade...
  3. J

    How can the right deny that they only exist for the wealthy?

    I mean can they read. Their hateful cruel budget bill takes trillions from the needy and gives it directly to Big B, the wealthy and the military(which of course is to the wealthy). They say that we need tax cuts and deregulation for business at the same time that Big b has the highest profits...
  4. tristanrobin

    It’s Now Legal in Mississippi to Deny Service to Any Person You Think Could Be Gay

    It’s Now Legal in Mississippi to Deny Service to Any Person You Think Could Be Gay Written by Matt Baume on October 21, 2017 Mississippi’s never been known for welcoming queer people, but the state just outdid itself. This month, one of the most sweeping anti-LGBT laws in the country went...
  5. GhostRider

    Lie, Deny, Deflect is the right wing MO

    As America Was Distracted By Wiretaps, Trump Was Quietly Doing Bannon's Bidding Trump is one sick lying son of a bitch out to destroy America.
  6. Sabcat

    #RegressiveNews: Ban Hugs, Free Speech & Deny #DNCLeaks

    take a few minutes to see all of the crazy that has been going on this week. fantastic
  7. Toto2

    Why Did FL House Speaker Crisafulli Deny Orlando Victims a Key Counterterror Law?

    To add insult to injury in the wake of the horrific Orlando Jihadist terror attack, it turns out that the victims of the attack could have had a powerful civil tool to pursue those who may have supported suspected ISIS attacker Omar Mateen. Authored by Senator Joe Negron and Representative...
  8. Lyzza

    Judge allows Texas to deny birth certificates to children of immigrants

    Oh my god. Way to fuck with infants and children, Texas. Don't mess with Texas you little kids! Disgusting. Judge Allows Texas to Deny Birth Certificates | Al Jazeera America
  9. LongWinded

    Jeb Bush Would Allow Corporations To Deny New Mothers Paid Leave

    Jeb Bush Would Allow Corporations To Deny New Mothers Paid Leave | ThinkProgress Of course he'd be against making it a federal law applicable to every woman. He's no more family values than he is moral and ethical.
  10. LongWinded

    Kentucky Clerk Asks Court To Force Governor To Let Her Deny Gay Marriages

    Kentucky Clerk Asks Court To Force Governor To Let Her Deny Gay Marriages This wing nut job is real, real, stupid. There's no way her religion will be honored by government. It is NOT allowed in our constitutional laws. She really is one delusional born again evangelical who believes...
  11. skews13

    Real Death Panels: Va. GOP's Monomaniacal Quest To Deny Medicaid

    Real Death Panels: Virginia Republicans and Their Monomaniacal Quest to Deny Medicaid How far would you go to deny 300,000 citizens access for affordable health care? For Virginia Republicans, the answer is simple: As far as you need to go. The Republican Party in Virginia is a...
  12. Camelot

    Cowardly Gun Nuts Deny Victims Of Their Rights

    Yet another example of a cowardly gun nut that foolishly thinks a gun makes him a man. This father is right. The Constitution confers equal rights onto everyone and not just cowardly gun nuts.
  13. intangible child

    Why Conservatives Deny Climate Change

    In Fighting to Protect Climate, Progressives Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies The left assumes conservatives live to maximize profits at the expense of people and the environment. I don't find that true. Conservatives fear big government the same way progressives fear big corporations. And...
  14. intangible child

    Tell the FDA: Deny Approval of GE Salmon

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it’s prepared to give genetically engineered (GE) salmon its final stamp of approval. The DNA of an altered salmon is engineered to produce growth hormones continuously during its lifetime, making it grow faster and bigger than natural...
  15. S

    Republicans try to deny religious freedom to gay servicemembers

    This is funny......two Republican congress critters from Louisiana are upset that a gay couple had a purely religious "commitment ceremony" on a military base: What completely clueless morons. Apparently they don't understand the difference between a religious ritual (which the state...
  16. knowuryder

    More Bad News For Who Want to deny Equal Rights to Gay People A poll from CNN this week is the latest to show a majority of Americans in favor of same-sex marriage, with 51 percent saying that marriages between gay and lesbian couples “should be recognized by...
  17. intangible child

    They Can't Deny it Anymore

    For weeks, U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan have denied they killed several dozen civilians in Sangin District of Helmand Province on July 23. But our new video exposes the truth about one of the worst civilian casualty incidents of the war. Watch our exclusive interviews with survivors and...
  18. CNN

    Sources deny report of Powell endorsement

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.