1. imaginethat

    It's the world's worst humanitarian disaster. But it's rarely ever discussed

    Why, exactly, did we get involved in this civil war? Oh that's right, we've taken sides in the Sunni vs. Shia battle over who's the Muslim infidel. Great. Sounds like a win-win. :wacko: More: It's the world's worst humanitarian disaster. But it's rarely ever discussed
  2. Hashtag

    Bloodied and half-blind, this cop’s grip was the last defense against disaster

    Bloodied and half-blind, this cop’s grip was the last defense against disaster Read the rest here: Hero cop Dane Norem was stabbed seven times while stopping a suicide
  3. webguy4

    Under-reported Disaster

    Obama hoped to use ISIS as leverage against Assad, John Kerry reveals - Washington Times
  4. pensacola niceman

    Melania Trump's disaster wear

    First lady Melania Trump is either blissfully unaware of the heat she took last week for her “storm stilettos,” or she doesn’t care what people think. On Sept. 2, on their way to a second visit to hurricane-ravaged Houston, she once again strode with her husband across the White House lawn in...
  5. skews13

    6 Months In, Trumps Presidency Teetering On Brink Of Disaster

    (CNN)The collapse of health care reform in the Senate on Monday night is a fitting coda to President Donald Trump's first six months in office, a tenure that has lurched from controversy to controversy and now appears to be on the verge of tilting directly into the political abyss...
  6. GhostRider

    Fuhrer Trump not giving aid to California flood disaster

    California Asked Trump For Federal Disaster Aid. His Response Is SHOCKING Where is the outrage from the right, California needs help, trump silent. We can only hope that if the damn does break, only trump supporters will be wiped out.
  7. skews13

    Economist Explains Why Trump Infrastructure Plan A Disaster For The Economy

    Trump’s proposal is going to take an economy that is already at full employment and set the stage for a recession. The infrastructure proposal combined with the massive tax cut that Republicans are drooling over will result in way more resources being taken out of the government than are being...
  8. intangible child

    He’s a disaster, but he’s their disaster.

    Donald Trump’s troubled campaign has seen an incredible exodus in support over the past week. After footage released last week showed him bragging about groping women, more than a dozen members of Congress withdrew their endorsements. Others, who’d previously stayed neutral in the race, called...
  9. skews13

    Jobs Report An Utter Disaster For Kansas And Brownback

    A new jobs report revealed, once again, that Gov. Sam Brownback’s income tax cuts are not leading to an explosion of jobs in Kansas. The Associated Press Read more here: Wow: What an utterly disastrous new July jobs report for Kansas and Gov. Sam Brownback and his supporters | The Kansas City...
  10. GhostRider

    Trump claims DNC convention was a disaster

    http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/conservatives-agree-dnc-was-disaster-for-gop Trump doesn't know a lot about anything he pretends to know.
  11. coke

    Science: Apollo 11 - Seconds from Disaster

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf0-1qm5lCE Self explanatory in title
  12. skews13

    American Capitalism A Disaster With No Moral Center

    Yet, the Republican Party and its more conservative complement inside the Democratic Party painted a vastly different picture of the typical welfare cheat, "free-riding" on hard-working taxpayers: demonizing her as a black woman, descendant of the trafficked Africans brought to the United States...
  13. excalibur

    EPA Creates Disaster - Will They Be Fined?

    We're from the government, and we're here to help you. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/11/us/durango-colorado-mine-spill-environmental-protection-agency.html?_r=0 
  14. intangible child

    Stop the next BP oil spill disaster

    Submit a public comment to the Interior Department: "The Interior Department’s draft plan to open areas along the U.S. Atlantic coast for oil and gas drilling is a backwards energy policy that endangers America’s coast while also increasing the carbon emissions that are responsible for climate...
  15. roastpork

    PIMCO disaster.

    I couldn't find the fricking economic section so I posted this here; didn't we used to have one on economics/money etc.? Russia Crisis Hits Pimco Fund, Wipes Out Options as Ruble Sinks China's Large Oil Reserves Indicate Long-Term Bearish Outlook for Oil This is both good and bad news...
  16. C

    How the world’s health organizations failed to stop the Ebola disaster

    "Tom Frieden remembers the young woman with the beautiful hair, dyed a rusty gold and braided meticulously, elaborately, perhaps by someone who loved her very much. She was lying facedown, half off the mattress. She had been dead for hours, and flies had found the bare flesh of her legs. Two...
  17. skews13

    Kansas' Tax Cut Disaster

  18. azchurchmouse

    New Poll a DISASTER for Obama

    "President Barack Obama has seen support for his foreign policy plummet to an all-time low, according to a new Wall Street Journal-NBC poll released Wednesday. According to the poll, just 37% of respondents said they approved of Obama's handling of foreign-policy issues, an all-time low...
  19. Uncle Han

    Ronald Reagan Predicted The Obamacare Disaster Back In 1961

    Ronald Reagan Predicted The Obamacare Disaster Back In 1961 Ronald Reagan had an uncanny way of predicting the future and offering ideas that were way ahead of their time. In the 1960s he proposed privatizing the Tennessee Valley Authority, an idea the Obama Administration now embraces. In...
  20. Uncle Han

    ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons

    ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons By Karin McQuillan IT experts are starting to weigh in on the spectacular fail of the ObamaCare launch, and explain what happened: political imperatives trumped everything else. The debut of ObamaCare is a perfect demonstration of why...