1. U

    A simple question for discussion.....

    Do you thing our 1 through 12 grades of education is in trouble?:huh:
  2. RNG

    Attn: Athena - The 1958 National Defense Education Act

    Quite a few times you have posted statements similar to this quote from one of your posts recently: I did a bit of a search of National Defense Education Act and didn't see anything particularly nefarious in it. And as to putting a greater emphasis on technology, that IMO was brilliant...
  3. tristanrobin

    Can't Make Up a Discussion Like This

    Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.10.40 AM by tristanrobin, on Flickr
  4. D

    Can Athenian Democracy Work in the Modern World?

    The question is simple really: can a form of direct democracy work in a nation-state? Let's set the scenario as such: The government is a three-branch Presidential system (Executive, Legislative, Judicial), but the Legislative body is replaced by the citizenry. Every citizen who wishes to...
  5. Panther

    Do you think a sense of humor important in political discussion?

    I say yes. Otherwise, i would never get my eyeballs to straighten normally from always looking up. :)
  6. imaginethat

    Australia Is Apparently Silencing Discussion of Tuberculosis Threat

    Maybe those end time prophecies aren't far off. More: https://news.vice.com/article/amid-talk-of-ebola-australia-is-apparently-silencing-discussion-of-tuberculosis-threat
  7. garysher

    Sb 48 Discussion

    As the signed petitions flood in the homo-fascists are all but admitting defeat: If we use our opponent's actions to predict our success, then we are doing well. In response to the effort to pass the referendum, members of the California Assembly have already stripped an existing bill...
  8. Ray Kaye

    Santorum Warns Gay Marriage Will Spark "devastating" Discussion Of Gender In Schools

    GOP presidential long shot Rick Santorum is no stranger to anti-gay rhetoric, but in the wake of New York's legalization of same-sex marriage Santorum has been on a tear, ranting that gay marriage 'cheapens marriage' and 'undermines faith' and imploring Iowans to "Please join me in saving...
  9. K

    Continuation of the "science and religion" discussion

    Continuation of the “science and religion” discussion is in Part II of donotmix Comments, as always, will be appreciated
  10. K

    Continuation of the "science and religion" discussion

    Continuation of the “science and religion” discussion is in Part II of donotmix Comments, as always, will be appreciated
  11. C

    Are Internet discussion forums the answer?

    Are Internet discussion forums the answer? When asked about the origin of consciousness it appears to be conventional wisdom to respond, “Language did it”. “I believe it is legitimate to take the phrase “I know” and deduce from it the presence of a nonverbal image of knowing centered on...
  12. T

    Fox News Discussion about Atheism with a Priest

    YouTube - Moronic priest talks about atheism on Fox News I love watching others demonstrate their complete ignorance...
  13. O

    First Amendment Discussion

    This article was in yesterday's email to me from Christianity Today and I found it relevenat to discuss in keeping with some recent threads here at the DtT. "Freedom Fighters Department of Justice ramps up efforts to enforce the First Amendment. Brad. A. Greenberg | posted 4/11/2007...
  14. RidinHighSpeeds

    Discussion about Sweden in Economics

    Today in microeconomics, the professor compared other countries economic systems to the US. I'd like to thank hevusa because I was surprisingly the only one to answer his question right when he asked which country has a high tax, medicare for all, education for all, and overall a very socialist...