1. RNG

    Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity ...

    Good for them. Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over His Coverage Of Roy Moore's Alleged Pursuit of Teens
  2. Sabcat

    No fly no buy: Obama’s last ditch effort to cripple the second amendment

    No Fly No Buy: Obama's Last Ditch Effort to Cripple the Second Amendment | The Daily Sheeple https://youtu.be/LSEoVkl0W30
  3. RNG

    Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp

    This is interesting to me. Workers' Comp is rife with abuses, but do I trust the individual companies to be the mediator of disputes? Very interesting (said holding a cigarette funny in a German accent). https://www.propublica.org/article/inside-corporate-americas-plan-to-ditch-workers-comp
  4. LongWinded

    BP Latest Giant to Ditch ALEC

    BP Latest Giant to Ditch ALEC Oh, wow. Look at this money pour into the democratic coffers now. Seems ol Koch Brothers are way too crazy for the multinational corporations who used to fund the laws written in the states. Tide's turning. Money's coming our way. Keep those democrats'...
  5. garysher

    Ny Voters Ditch Anti-Marriage Dem Candidate Thaks To Nom

    So much for the lie that NY wants homosexual marriage thrust down its throat..... What a tremendous day for marriage! New York's 9th Congressional District, which Obama won, Clinton won, and which has had a Democrat in Congress since 1923, showed Tuesday that marriage is important. David...
  6. garysher

    Iowa prepares to ditch homosexual marriage judges

    Judicial tyrants around the nation better look out..... In April 2009, Iowa’s Supreme Court unanimously overturned a 1998 law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, making the state the first in our country’s “heartland” to make traditional marriage unconstitutional...
  7. CNN

    Opinion: Ditch the 14th Amendment? Why stop there?

    Republicans such as Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Kyl and John Cornyn are tripping over themselves to jump on the latest "Dumb Way to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem" bus by suggesting Congress examine repealing the 14th Amendment, which deals with one way of becoming a U.S. citizen...