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    Don Lemon responds to Dotard

    Please listen to this to the end. I seldom post Youtube stuff, but this one is good. Perhaps some might say it is wrong for a reporter to make the news about himself but given the horrible attack Dotard mounted on him, it is deserved and in fact admirable. And it's a nice summary of some of...
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    A bad lie that could get Dotard in it

    We know he lies. And last night he had another twittertantrum about FAKE NEWS, media being the enemy and so on. But as a wise teacher told me when I was quite young, the problem with lying is you have to remember what lies you have told. I think Mueller is going to love this.
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    Dotard sets a new record

    A friend showed me a WaPo article on his smartphone. I can't link it because they now use the same paywall that the NYT uses. But as most of you know, they have been running a fact checker on Dotard from since his inauguration. His lie count is now up to ~4200. What's worse is that his lie...
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    Dotard's strategy is working

    The question is were his handlers smart enough to figure it out or is it just damn good/bad luck, depending on your position. From the Axios AM Newsletter so no link.
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    Dotard breaks new ground again

    For two days Dot Don has been strongly criticizing the Fed for raising interest rates. According to the BBC and CBC, this is the first time a president has tried to influence the Fed. He claims that raising interest rates would have a negative impact on business expansion. My belief is...
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    Dotard on Russia

    From Axios PM Newsletter: This is the third time a reporter has asked him this question and the third time he has deflected to some aspect of his imagined Hillary sins. What is he trying to hide?
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    Dotard's theft

    There's just way too much sleaze in this article to list out. But look at what the Dotard's various companies have made from his presidency. Bring your barf-bag because it will make you sick...
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    Dotard's Alabama buddy does it again

    And on it goes. Roy Moore: Gay marriage ruling ?even worse? than 1857 pro-slavery decision | TheHill
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    Dotard loses another one

    Now Jeff Flake has announced that he will not run again. References to the speech and interview are links to the CNN site.
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    In just one Dotard sleepless night

    The guy was really busy last night. And I left out a few more normal (remember, all things are relative) tweets about his schedule and such. This is what he does with his time?
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    Dotard's latest "misstatements"

    This is from the Axios AM report by Mike Allen.
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    The Dotard just can't quit

    I am starting to see why the Trumpanzees keep bringing up Hillary. It's because they just keep emulating their god. He won't let it go. Last indication, 9 hours ago from the Twit-in-chief:
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    Dotard's Innocence

    If you're innocent you've got nothing to worry about, right?
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    The Dotard's Benghazi

    Obviously we need at least 7 congressional investigations about how Dotard Don killed 4 innocent Americans. Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush - CNNPolitics
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    Dotard's Healthcare Pt II

    So he tweets: Hmmm. My broker talked me into a couple of US Health Insurers a couple of years ago. They sure aren't showing signs of having made bigger profits. And the leaking of his doing this didn't drop the share price either. One would almost think he is full of shit. Again.
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    Dotard's Healthcare

    So he tweets what is a common theme of his: Please note the "LOWER COSTS" all upper case in his tweet. Then an email from CNN: My emphasis in the email. So now the Trumpanzees will have to tell us what he really meant to say.
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    Dotard does it again

    Surely there must be some libel laws. His latest tweet:
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    Dotard's New Tax Plan

    Republicans Outline Biggest Tax Code Overhaul In A Generation!! President Trump and GOP congressional leaders have outlined their plan for the most sweeping overhaul of the federal tax code in more than three decades. They're proposing deep cuts in both individual and corporate tax rates...