1. J

    The socialist Democrat Party Leadership’s hypocrisy on buying an election

    It is absolutely mind blowing to hear the socialist Democrat Party Leadership, like Bernie Sanders for example, telling other socialists running for office, i.e., Michael Bloomberg “Sorry, you ain’t gonna buy this election.” Perhaps I have misunderstood Bernie the Socialist, but I believe he is...
  2. Paulweber

    Parliamentary elections in Poland: will Europe face changes?

    The political map of Europe is facing serious test – on Oct.13th there will be elections to Lower house and Upper house of Polish parliament. Ability of Prawo i Sprawiedliwość to keep its leadership may influence not so much the internal political situation in Poland as the relations inside the...
  3. noonereal

    Ohio special election

    Too early to call. This, to me, is a must win for the forces of good and patriotism. If the Dem's can't win after a year and a half of degenerate leadership in the White House, then it's the end of the great,America. And no, I don't care how many decades the GOP has held the seat...
  4. goober

    Trump Election Commission Report

    Remember when Trump created a commission to document the huge voter fraud that cost him the popular vote, finally we are hearing something from that effort. NO FRAUD, No evidence of fraud. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/03/politics/trump-voter-fraud-commission-evidence-documents/index.html Now...
  5. Camelot

    GOP Refuses To Renew State Election Security

    In the midst of unparalleled election cyber security attacks, the right wing Russian surrender monkies refuse to renew state funding grants for election security.
  6. imaginethat

    Change, Mexican style

    He promises to demand respect from Trump. His party is four years old, and he founded it. This election outcome helps to fathom the dislike Trump has engendered worldwide. More: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/07/01/mexico-lopez-obrador-president-689653
  7. webguy4

    Election Win Revoked

    Taste of her own medicine https://babylonbee.com/news/democratic-socialist-candidates-primary-win-revoked-after-all-her-votes-forcibly-redistributed/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=062316-news&utm_campaign=benshapiro
  8. reedak

    Democracy calls into question after Trump election

    1. According to Roger Scruton, a writer and philosopher: "Democracy is championed as a universal good by the West, but we over-estimate its power to guarantee personal and political freedom." Despite being "the best innovator in the world" as claimed by Peter Kent Navarro, America seems to have...
  9. tristanrobin

    Almost Half Of Republicans Believe Millions Voted Illegally In The 2016 Election

    Almost Half Of Republicans Believe Millions Voted Illegally In The 2016 Election Republicans also said by a 56-point margin that voter fraud is a more widespread problem than eligible voters being prevented from voting. By Sam Levine and Ariel Edwards-Levy Nearly half of Republicans...
  10. KillTheCarnage

    Anyone else watching the Arizona special election tonight?

    I think this special election in Arizona is a bellweather for what's going to happen in November. Basically, an indicator for the red tide or the blue wave. Trump even bothered to tweet support for the GOP candidate Debbie Lesko, who is running against Hiral Tipirneni. Debbie is...
  11. RNG

    DNC sues Trump, WikiLeaks and Russia over 2016 election

    This one does include the Republican President. And he doesn't like it. He started his tweetertantrum in the daytime over this. Continue reading at: https://www.axios.com/dnc-russia-lawsuit-trump-hacking-2016-election-af43e56c-b6d4-40f9-9c8a-320127eb3b31.html
  12. imaginethat

    US Hits Russian Oligarchs, Officials, With Sanctions Over Election Interference

    Wow. It appears to me that a US-Saudi Arabia-Israel alliance is strengthening in opposition to a Russia-Iran-Syria alliance. The Bible prophesies a big battle in the region. Things are shaping up. Here, from SecTreas Mnuchin: "The Russian government engages in a range of malign activity...
  13. Sabcat

    No, the presidential election can't be hacked

  14. Camelot

    Who Really Won The 2016 Presidential Election ?

    If the voter databases were corrupted in 7 states in such a close election, then the outcome is unclear. Intel officials: Russia breached voter sites or registration systems in seven states | TheHill
  15. Sabcat

    Here’s What Could Happen If Donald Trump Doesn’t Accept The Election Results

  16. RNG

    Trump voting commission bought Texas election data flagging Hispanic voters

    The Republican President. A man for all people. It didn't happen because of a lawsuit by Texas voting rights advocates and then the Republican President called the whole thing off when too many states said fuck you through even more lawsuits. But he tried...
  17. guy39

    SJW hit by car protestint Trump election

    This little snowflake was standing in the freeway protesting Trump getting elected. She gets hit by a car and is seriously injured. She is now suing UCSD because she believes they did not keep her safe. Video of her being smashed by vehicle below with link to story. Enjoy the video...
  18. mayeve

    Are you okay with the idea of deciding an election by drawing a name from a bowl?

    Because that's what's happening right now in Virginia.
  19. skews13

    Hillary Clinton Living Rent Free In Weak Conservative Minds One Year After Election

    Republicans enjoy talking about Clinton more than Democrats do. She’s a topic that sets their viewers in a blind rage, something the network has trained them to do over time, and it’s an easy way to fill up air time to distract from breaking news stories that make Trump look good...
  20. G

    I am already tired of the election and

    primary season hasn't even arrived. Anyone else think the constant "running for office" is too much?