1. F

    Gnats Attack Elephant

    I prefer using a Flit gun because it is too expensive to use an atomic bomb to kill a gnat. I will make an exception in Iran’s case. Nuking Iran before the Mad Mullahs get the bomb comes under the heading of killing two gnats with one bomb: With all the media focus on President Trump’s...
  2. xMathFanx

    School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room'

    School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room' The "elephant in the room" for (many) of these mass school shootings is "How was the kid treated in school? Was he bullied, tormented, extremely socially rejected endlessly? Who was participating, to what level, and who was complicit? Everyone...
  3. tristanrobin

    Even Before Trump Arrives, He’s The Elephant In The Room At Davos

    Even Before Trump Arrives, He’s The Elephant In The Room At Davos Leaders at the World Economic Forum are taking not-so-subtle swipes at the U.S. president. World leaders are serving up some shrewdly veiled criticism of Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, days...
  4. J

    Repeal and Replace, the elephant in the room: our free cheese faction

    If one does a little research regarding repeal and replacement of Obamacare, they will find countless articles asserting most Americans prefer Obamacare, e.g., see: Americans Prefer Obamacare May 18th, 2017 ”Most Americans prefer the Democratic version of a health-care law to the...
  5. intangible child

    Historic US-China Ban to End Ivory Trade Ensures Elephant Survival

    In a historic accord to save Africa’s elephants from poaching, President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping agreed Friday to ban ivory sales in the United States and China. Historic US-China Ban to End Ivory Trade Ensures Elephant Survival
  6. intangible child

    Animal Rights Activists Winning, Circus Is Retiring Elephant Acts From Shows

    The most popular circus in the United States is finally putting an end to the use of elephants in their shows. Over the next three years, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will phase the highly intelligent animals out due to growing concerns of their mistreatment. Animal Rights Activists...
  7. intangible child

    The Israeli Elephant in the US Congress

    It’s astonishing that in the breathless run-up to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s appearance before a joint session of the U.S. Congress to warn of a nuclear-armed Iran, no one—politicians, editorial writers, media pundits—point out that there already is a nuclear power in the Middle...
  8. intangible child

    The Elephant in the Room: Militarism

    Today there's an elephant in the room: a huge, yet ignored, issue that largely explains why Social Security is now on the chopping block. And why other industrialized countries have free college education and universal healthcare, but we don't. April 09, 2013 "Information Clearing House"...
  9. E

    The Elephant Man

    I just thought I would introduce myself. I am new to Defending the Truth but have the website linked to my blog. You can find my blog at The Elephant Man