1. S

    Entire eliminating tax deductions for state and local taxes?

    Entire eliminating tax deductions for state and local taxes? Eliminating federal income taxes deductions proportional to state and local taxes,(i.e. SALT) was inserted within proposed tax bill, for the purpose of reducing the decade's net federal budget 's deficits if the tax bill is enacted...
  2. hot dragon

    Eliminating The Female Orgasm

    i know this was posted as satire, and in the context of america and evangelical political christianity it is. the sad thing is that in islamic countries, this actually happens. sex outside of marriage is a crime that is punished. sex toys are illegal. clitorises are cut off so the woman is not...
  3. LongWinded

    Leading Senate Candidate Says He’s Open To Eliminating The VA

    Leading Senate Candidate Says He's Open To Eliminating The VA | ThinkProgress That's not surprising. Republicans have downsized ALL veterans benefits in order to make sure the budget just goes to their Insider Trading deals with defense contractors. What a national shame this man is.
  4. RNG

    Iran completes process of eliminating enriched uranium

    No one seems to have noticed this delightful news story. MH17, ISIS and Israel/Palestine are getting too much attention I guess, but this might be far more significant. And what I love is that in spite of the chicken hawk neocon babblings, it looks like Obama's diplomacy has achieved more with...
  5. S

    Eliminating Social Security Would Be Economically Net Detrimental.

    ** The political and economic cost of eliminating Social Security retirement annuities ** Historically lacking a federal retirement program, (despite historically shorter life spans) were severe hardships. If Social Security, (SS) is terminated, the extent of additional Americans’ driven...