1. Sabcat

    Explaining masturbation to children

    https://youtu.be/-0vPqxSVaG4 Yup, this is a thing.
  2. RNG

    Explaining the Trump phenomenon

  3. webguy4


    so there's this guy I know, never watchers the news, ever. I was tryin to tell him about ISIS killin these egyptian coptic christians `and he says "what's ISIS?" sigh so after that little bit of intro he was askin so how did ISIS know they were christians, which to be honest, I'm not really...
  4. K

    Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

    Merck, the pharmaceutical giant, is facing a slew of controversies over its Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine following numerous allegations of wrongdoing from different parties in the medical field, including two former Merck scientists-turned-whistleblowers. A third whistleblower, this one a...
  5. skews13

    In Lieu Of The VA Scandal 216 Republicans 109 Democrats Have Some Explaining To Do

    House defies Pentagon on defense spending WASHINGTON (AP) — The House defied the Pentagon on Thursday, overwhelmingly backing a $601 billion defense authorization bill that saves the Cold War-era U-2 spy plane, military bases and Navy cruisers despite warnings that it will undercut...
  6. F

    Explaining CRIME in the hood.

    The media has a vested interest in portraying the african-american as he is currently viewed in the entertainment industry. What the media moguls want is for mainstream white america to believe that the average black guy is really not that much different than bill cosby or denzel washington...
  7. garysher

    Homosexual Judge Walker Tries To Wriggle Out Of Explaining His Defiance Of Scotus

    Chief Judge Ware has also announced that he will consider our motion to enforce the court’s order placing the trial video tapes “under seal” at the same time as he hears our motion to vacate former judge Walker’s decision striking down Proposition 8. His written order states, “All...