1. U

    communism always fails.

    cause there's always more "need" than there is "ability". socialism is just commies who have not (YET) gotten their way.
  2. skews13

    WSJ Struggles To Deal As GOP Tax Scam Fails To Make Economy Soar

    Who could have predicted! The Republican tax law is not sending the economy into the stratosphere, as only partisan Republicans claimed to believe it would do. The Wall Street Journal has all sorts of reasons that might possibly maybe explain why the U.S. economy slowed down in the first...
  3. A

    Why democracy fails

    Democracy fails because we hold a completely false idea of ourselves as intelligent creatures. We have the capability of being intelligent but until recently we did not have enough understanding of how our brains work to manifest the thinking population that a democracy requires. The Trump...
  4. J

    Heads I win, tails you lose: the Republicans phony balanced budget amendment fails

    . Well, the Republican drafted balanced budget amendment was defeated in the House on Thursday, 4/12/18. But what is interesting is, even if the Amendment were adopted into our Constitution, Congress would still not be required to balance the Budget on an annual basis! Our Republican swamp...
  5. Sabcat

    Socialist Bernie Sanders AGAIN Fails To File Senate Ethics Financial Disclosures,

    Bernie Sanders Fails To Submit Financial Documents AGAIN | The Daily Caller
  6. Endtherepublic

    Fascism fails in France! A win for globalism!

    A solid win for globalism and dreams of a one state world. Le Pen was completely destroyed by Macron in the French presidential elections. This is a very hard smack to the mouths of the right and conservatives as it should be. Now, we can hopefully begin to dismantle the right and silence them...
  7. Sabcat

    Callifornia fails to pass fake news bill
  8. RNG

    White house fails to back top advisor

    More power struggles or a small degree of rationality slowly seeping in?
  9. Sabcat

    Obamacare is more proof that central planning fails

    Obamacare is more proof that central planning fails - Personal Liberty®
  10. J

    Georgia AG, Sam Olens, fails constitutional law 101 as applied to Syrian refugees

    SEE Georgia attorney general: State can't stop resettlement of Syrian refugees or deny benefits Dec. 30, 2015 ”ATLANTA — Georgia cannot exclude Syrian refugees from resettlement in the state or deny them federally funded benefits, the state attorney general wrote in an official opinion...
  11. Sabcat

    TSA Fails!,d.b2w...
  12. LongWinded

    Senate Attempt To Override Obama's Keystone Veto Fails

    Senate Attempt To Override Obama's Keystone Veto Fails Just one more example that even with a majority,the republicans can't lead.
  13. L

    Senate fails to override Obama's veto of Keystone XL approval

    I guess there were 9 dimocrats up for re-election next year. Senate fails to override Obama's veto of Keystone XL approval Nine Democrats joined a unanimous Republican caucus to support the bill: Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Tom Carper of Delaware, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe...
  14. Camelot

    When Trickle Down Fails, The Rats Bail

    Seems Brownback was just a VICTIM of the extreme Right legislators that he and the Koch's paid to put in place;
  15. skews13

    Kansas TeaParty Experiment Fails Brownback Supports Tax Hikes

    Kansas Tea Party Experiment Fails As Brownback Supports New Tax Hikes Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s attempt to make his state a model for Tea Party governance has ended in abject failure. Brownback’ massive tax cuts for the wealthy were supposed to create a Grover Norquist inspired...
  16. excalibur

    Raid To Save Hostage Luke Somers Fails

    They had to try as he was going to be killed anyway, too bad it did not succeed. American Hostage Luke Somers Killed in US Rescue Attempt - ABC News 
  17. intangible child

    Congress Fails to Prevent Shutdown

    "Unfortunately, Congress has not fulfilled its responsibility. It has failed to pass a budget and, as a result, much of our government must now shut down until Congress funds it again,'' President Barack Obama said in a video message to military and defense personnel around the world. YOU ARE...
  18. Medicine Man

    When All Else Fails, Send In An Actual COMBAT-Vet!!!

    Iraq Debacle Negotiators
  19. F

    When logic fails..

    When people are deprived of civil rights ,it seems only right to grant them their rights. When a certain racial minority finds itself in a state of economic inequality ,it seems only logical that the solution and mutually beneficial thing to do is provide opportunities which hopefully will...
  20. S

    Obama too often fails to lead.

    Obama too often fails to lead. I agree with the Republican criticism that President Obama too often fails to lead. I gave up on the Democratic Party when they failed to discuss the federal budget and taxes on to the floors of both houses prior to the 2010 elections. Obama never publicly...