1. skews13

    Everything About Trump's Search Was A Farce

    NBC is reporting, that Kavanaugh wasn’t just Trump’s pick from the beginning, he was picked before the beginning. Kavanaugh wasn’t even selected by Trump. He was picked by Anthony Kennedy. As part of the unprecedented talks between Trump and Kennedy to net the justice’s retirement, Kennedy was...
  2. Kelvin

    More emerges about the farce of the Hillary investigation

    What awful stuff was going on in the FBI is coming to light. FBI agent dismissed from Mueller probe changed Comey description of Clinton - CNNPolitics
  3. P

    Anchor Babies are a farce there is no such thing!

    They are simply the children of people committing a crime being here! There's Nothing in the Constitution About Anchor Babies: Donald Trump's Latest Fight Against the Drive-By Media - The Rush Limbaugh Show
  4. pana8

    Arent people tired of the same old shit?

    The Farce Is Complete: Blythe Masters Joining CFTC We thought today's newsflow and "market action" ranked pretty high on the absurd surrealism scale. And then we saw this. •BLYTHE MASTERS TO JOIN CFTC GLOBAL MARKETS COMMITTEE •JPMORGAN’S BLYTHE MASTERS TO JOIN CFTC ADVISORY COMMITTEE •CFTC...
  5. pana8

    QE 1 trillion a month, debt ceiling farce.

    So the Obama orders Bernanke to buy bonds, Bernanke orders the treasury to fire up the proverbial printing press, the treasury gives it to the banks, the banks give it back to the government, the wall streets and politicians stocks goes up and the people get screwed. Then the silly ass sheep...
  6. highway80west

    LeBron James a farce

    He used the media to announce that he will be a Miami Heat. I don't blame the Cleveland owner for his statement denouncing James. At least the media circus is over.
  7. unlawflcombatnt

    Economy: The Leading Indicators Farce

    Monday's report on the economy, the Leading Indicator index, was touted as still further evidence of how "strong" our economy is. The Leading Indicator report, considered a broad overview of the direction of our economy, was reported as increasing + 0.2%, slightly below the expected +0.3%...